Big Sweater and Booties: Old Navy Edition

Alright everyone, there's something that just needs to be said. Old Navy is the absolute BEST place to shop - year round. It continually saves your wallet, as well as your wardrobe. I love going here for staple pieces such as sweaters, neutrals, basic shoes, and comfy clothes. Blogger Gal Meets Glam recently styled an adorable holiday look using all Old Navy clothes! I made a trip the other day, and definitely found my share of affordable and stylish pieces. This sweater AND the booties are just a few of my winter time favorites currently on the Old Navy racks. This sweater is also available in an adorable black and white pattern, which also looks great with a black or white shirt underneath. All pieces linked below!


Chocolate Snowman Bark Tutorial

The other day I attempted these absolutely adorable (and delicious) snowmen bark! They're fairly simple, and don't require much time if you have a few helping hands. They're cute for Christmas parties, or even just a fun Winter treat! I was inspired by Pinterest (where else?) to create these adorable little desserts. The link to my inspiration is here!


I Cut My Hair!

Sooooo.... Over fall break I flew home to get my wisdom teeth out (ew, I know) and did something super impulsive. If you're following my instagram you may know what this impulsive decision happened to be. 

I chopped my hair!


Off The Shoulder Sweater

Hello everyone! I'm back with another outfit post, this time for the colder weather! I recently flew home for fall break and of course had to make a trip to my local mall. I headed to Nordstrom Rack to find some sweaters on sale and came across this lovely off the shoulder grey one (also comes in two other colors)! Off the shoulder sweaters have seemed to be really popular this year so I knew I had to seal the deal (plus it was on sale for $35!).


A Coffeehouse Playlist for Autumn


Hello everyone, & happy fall! I absolutely adore this time of the year, its so calm and serene - a quiet transition into the bitter cold that most of us share a love/hate relationship with. I've been loving quiet 'coffeeshop' music lately, and so I've been on a mission to dig up songs that haven't had much recognition yet. Here's a list of my fall playlist - for the days when you just need to sit and watch the leaves fall.


Hello, College!

Well, I'm finally writing! I've been waiting for a moment when I would have my laptop open and muster up the strength to say no to homework and yes to a little bit of word therapy. I'm not sure if I've officially published this online or not but I'm currently a freshman at Clemson University and I'm majoring in Pre-Professional Health studies. It's been a few weeks since I've moved in - I'm knee deep in classes, done with rush (Alpha Phi!!), and officially over dining hall food. So yes, I'm transitioning to the "college life" well, but it still has not been easy. And that right there, is why I haven't been able to post.


Palm Leaf One Piece Swimsuit

I don't know about you guys but I am LOVING this one piece trend. I picked up this suit back in the spring and was waiting for my beach vacation to be able to use it! It's so comfy and flattering - I highly recommend it. Unfortunately my exact swimsuit is sold out online, but I linked a few other similar palm leaf one pieces below. My sunglasses are from Nordstrom BP - only $12 but they look great on! Totally worth the purchase, and great beach sunnies because you won't be stressing about getting them dirty. 


Berlin Travel Diary

A snippet of the remains of The Berlin Wall - all marked up with graffiti, mostly sarcastic writings or comical pictures about the events of the era when the wall was still standing. 
The very first day of my European trip (a super tired and jet lagged day) was spent in Berlin, Germany! We spent the day at a mall that had a starbucks - thank god - and then went to dinner and ice cream. This was a short day, because we were all SO tired and ready to crash. Half of us fell asleep drinking our coffee in Starbucks!


July Favorites

A new thing I've decided to blog about (thanks to the consistency of some of my favorite you tubers with this subject - Sarahbelle and Meghan Rienks) is my monthly favorites! I divided it into a few categories and decided to pick one or two things for each one a month. I love reading or watching these types of posts for new ideas for products to try out, foods to eat, etc. Hope you enjoy!


Pink and Green Palm Leaf Romper

The picture above is a fun shot of me frolicking a pretty park in the heart of Berlin. This was the first day of a 12 day trip to four different cities in Eastern Europe. Travel Diaries for each city are coming soon!


My Agenda Picks For 2016 - 17

Agendas have become increasingly popular over the past few years, for more than just writing down your everyday activities. The "look" of your agenda becomes your school supply color scheme, and a common prop in your coffee shop study sesh pictures. So naturally, your agendas aesthetic is somewhat important. I've rounded up some of my favorite agenda's from various brands, different from the usual Lilly Pulitzer new releases. Don't get me wrong, the Lilly agendas are all fabulously designed, but sometimes switching it up here and there can do a little good. Have at it, happy shopping!


The Perfect White Dress For Summer

Hello friends! :)
A little while back, Garth Brooks was in town and being the country music lover I am I HAD to see this legend live (plot twist: that was actually the second time I've seen him.. oops!). So I thought what is better than a white dress and cowboy boots to express my own style with southern twist. I felt successful!


The In's & Out's of Staying Motivated

Motivation has always been something I've felt I was good at. My motivation was internal at times, and external at others, but it was always there. I was always striving for something. Lately, I've been a lot less motivated than usual, with school, relationships, & just living my life. I could take an easy route and blame it all on senior-itis, which, to be fair, is a lot of it. But I decided to look deeper into what was making me lack my usual "shoot for the stars" mantra; and to fix it.


Blue Pattern Romper for Spring

Hi all!
I was recently college visiting, and I stopped in a quaint little boutique with cheap adorable clothes! Of course I had to stock up for grad party season, so I bought a few dresses, and a few rompers. Off the shoulder anything is so trendy for this summer, and I definitely fell in love with this romper for that reason, The cinched waist is super flattering, as well as the adorable pattern that will look even better with a tan! Unfortunately when I did this shoot, it wasn't even really that warm outside so I'll definitely be outfit repeating this little romper when the temperature peaks this summer. 


Monday Must See // Feb 15

*DISCLAIMER: My scheduled post didn't go up so.... Here is Monday's post, on a Tuesday night. Oopsy! Enjoy :)

Happy Monday! I've been in Sedona for the past four days (I left today *sad face *) and it has been absolutely amazing. I stayed at Enchantment Resort, and just relaxed. It's been absolutely amazing to enjoy 70 degree weather, vs. the negative windchill that is currently happening back home. Yikes! I'll have a travel diary on that coming up soon. Some pictures are already up on my twitter and insta (@adash_ofclass) so check those out!


Valentine's Day Cookie Tutorial

OBSESSED with these adorable Valentine's Day cookies! They're a bit challenging to make (not gonna lie here, Pinterest has got me with the "easy" recipes too many times..) But with a little practice and perfectionism, you can create some awesome cookies. So here we go with the tutorial..


Monday Must See // Feb 8

Welcome to my very FIRST Monday Must See post! I love the way that bloggers like Carly, and Lauren Conrad recap their current obsessions in a blog post, because that is where I always begin my favorite kind of explorations perusing the many happenings of the online world (and the shopping, duh)! So here's to my new weekly post -- I can't wait to begin sharing my favorites with you.


Part 2: Sweater Dress Style

Hi friends! I hope everyone has a lovely week so far.
P.s. you're halfway through!

So I did this look with my pretty Free People cape over top in downtown C-bus, so if you have read the blog lately you've seen that! Afterwards I visited The Franklin Park Conservatory & couldn't resist doing a little bit of shooting there as well, because it's gorgeous this time of year!


Dallas Travel Diary

HELLO ALL! If you follow my instagram (@adash_ofclass) you probably saw that I took a weekend trip to Dallas last weekend! I'm such a fan of the city and everything it has to offer; most importantly the outstanding Mexican food and the fabulous shopping... :) I'm doing a recap of all the places I went & enjoyed while I was there, so please, read on!


Part 1: Sweater Dress Style

I did two sets of pictures in this sweater dress. One set outside in downtown Columbus, and the other was... Well that's for part 2! I love this sweater dress, and this poncho, so naturally I had to do separate posts to show off both styles!


Snowy With a Hint of Maroon

IT SNOWED!!! I'm just a little excited... Unfortunately, I wasn't off school *insert extra extra sad face here* so I didn't get to fully enjoy the beauty of this snow, except, you know, trampling over it in my bean boots for blog pictures. Typical. 


DIY Watercolor Mug Tutorial

Hi everybody! Today I'm doing a how-to on the most adorable (and unique) mugs EVER! Me and my friend Nikki, found the idea on pinterest and decided to try it out. It was most definitely a success. So, if you would like to try it out, read on!


6 Ways to De-Stress Your Way to Success

So it's that time of year isn't it? Winter is basically the 'Wednesday' of the school year. I always get in a special sort of funk this time of year, and often need ways to escape the stress of a million different things I have going on. And more importantly, the lack of sunshine. Yeah, probably mostly the lack of sunshine. Anyways I've thrown thrown together a few ways I have been using so far this winter + have used in the past. These are all pretty basic, but we often forget how necessary they are! So take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and read on to see how to de-stress your way to success.


Sweaters & Suede

If you've read my last post, you can probably put two and two together enough to understand why it is that I'm posting this fall-esque outfit so late into Winter... Long story short the laptop I use for blogging, as well as my camera simultaneously decided to break... Nice. I've had these pictures sitting in my files ready to be edited and posted for quite some time now... *Over-dramatic sigh*. So without further ado I give you my lovely suede skirt styled with my maroon turtleneck, and some riding boots! Enjoy! :)

P.S. The festive wreaths in my pictures are extending belated holiday cheer... I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday!

Turtleneck//Suede Skirt(Now less than $20!)//Boots//Earrings

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne


Life Updates // Typical Chaos

Hello Everyone! I have been entirely absent from posting as of lately, and I apologize... I do of course, have an excuse that is hopefully going to suffice. So, I left school early on the last day, to head to Charleston (if you follow me on insta: @adriennecaroline, you have seen my pictures and know Charleston is the love of my life) for a cruise out to the Bahamas. As soon as I got inside I took out my camera just to find that it was entirely broken. And to add to my distress, so was the laptop. Since social media was all I had to work with, I tried to post consistently. But of course, didn't have service in the middle of the ocean. 

Moral of my little story is, I've had a nice little blog break and I'm very very ready to make 2016 the year I really take my blog to the next level. I already have multiple travel plans this year, which I can't wait to photograph and post about... I also have a design makeover planned as well as intentions to expand my social media usage to snapchat, twitter, and tumblr! All in good time of course. So I guess you could say that blogging is a resolution of sorts. I can not wait to really dive into blogging as much more than a hobby. So bear with me as I plan, and tweak, and learn more and more about the means of A Dash of Class. 

And a final thank you to anyone who took the time to read my lame excuse for my lack of posting all the way through -- You're a blessing. :) 

xx, Adrienne