Big Sweater and Booties: Old Navy Edition

Alright everyone, there's something that just needs to be said. Old Navy is the absolute BEST place to shop - year round. It continually saves your wallet, as well as your wardrobe. I love going here for staple pieces such as sweaters, neutrals, basic shoes, and comfy clothes. Blogger Gal Meets Glam recently styled an adorable holiday look using all Old Navy clothes! I made a trip the other day, and definitely found my share of affordable and stylish pieces. This sweater AND the booties are just a few of my winter time favorites currently on the Old Navy racks. This sweater is also available in an adorable black and white pattern, which also looks great with a black or white shirt underneath. All pieces linked below!

Sweater (similar & on sale here and here)//Black Long Sleeve//Leggings//Booties

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Chocolate Snowman Bark Tutorial

The other day I attempted these absolutely adorable (and delicious) snowmen bark! They're fairly simple, and don't require much time if you have a few helping hands. They're cute for Christmas parties, or even just a fun Winter treat! I was inspired by Pinterest (where else?) to create these adorable little desserts. The link to my inspiration is here!

The Ingredients I used were...
- These pretzels 
- These chocolate chips (melted)
- These sprinkles for snow
- These white chocolate chips

Step One: Pour one bag of chocolate chips in a microwave friendly bowl and microwave for 90 seconds. Stir until all chocolate chips are somewhat smooth and then microwave for another 10-15 seconds.
Step Two: Pour the melted chocolate chips onto a baking pan with wax paper covering it. The melted chocolate won't cover the entire baking pan but it should cover most if you spread it well enough. 

Step Three: Place the white chocolate chips three in a row to make a snowman body. Then, place the pretzels (broken into smaller pieces) next to the chocolate pieces for the arms. Lastly, drop the sprinkles around the snowmen to create a snowy look.
Step Four: Put in the refrigerator for 1 hour or the freezer for 30 minutes, more time won't hurt.
Step Five: Once the bark is solid, break it into pieces. This is the hard part - you can use a knife to score where you want to break.

....Final Product!

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I Cut My Hair!

Sooooo.... Over fall break I flew home to get my wisdom teeth out (ew, I know) and did something super impulsive. If you're following my instagram you may know what this impulsive decision happened to be. 

I chopped my hair!

I've been playing with the idea of a shorter hair look in my head for awhile and I never really felt serious about it until now. Lately, I've been noticing myself changing a lot. I see myself becoming the person that a little bit of me always was, but a lot of me didn't really want me to be. As soon as my hairdresser spun me around in the chair to get a good look at every angle of my new cut, I became positive that this is what I have been missing. It felt like I was free of a big brick I had been carrying on my shoulder. To me this haircut freed me from hiding under everything I wanted and showed me everything I needed. I'm changing my major and starting to take up hobbies that I actually enjoy. I'm beginning to really take away the negative aspects of my life and insert things that make me feel good about the type of life I'm living. There have been days here and there when I've missed my long hair - it was effortlessly girly and so fun to style. But thats just me, I'm not good with change so I'm trying to teach myself a lesson. And at the end of the day its just hair. It'll grow back. But hopefully the better version of myself that I'm becoming will be here to stay.

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Off The Shoulder Sweater

Hello everyone! I'm back with another outfit post, this time for the colder weather! I recently flew home for fall break and of course had to make a trip to my local mall. I headed to Nordstrom Rack to find some sweaters on sale and came across this lovely off the shoulder grey one (also comes in two other colors)! Off the shoulder sweaters have seemed to be really popular this year so I knew I had to seal the deal (plus it was on sale for $35!). I styled it with my Topshop jeans and short black Hunter boots. All of these picture were taken in downtown Columbus (my hometown) and I'm absolutely in love with them! It was a perfect day to be home exploring the city that I grew up in! A last shoutout to my best friend Nikki for being my personal blog photographer on this one. You rock xo! 

All items linked below - enjoy! :)

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A Coffeehouse Playlist for Autumn

Hello everyone, & happy fall! I absolutely adore this time of the year, its so calm and serene - a quiet transition into the bitter cold that most of us share a love/hate relationship with. I've been loving quiet 'coffeeshop' music lately, and so I've been on a mission to dig up songs that haven't had much recognition yet. Here's a list of my fall playlist - for the days when you just need to sit and watch the leaves fall.

  1.  First Day of My Life // Bright Eyes
  2.  Beautiful // Ben Rector
  3.  Put On, Cologne // Donovan Woods 
  4.  Manhatten // Sara Bareilles 
  5.  Gold in the Air // Jesse Woods
  6.  Black Coffee in Bed // Ernie Halter 
  7.  Caroline // Jon Foreman
  8.  Leaving You // Corey Crowder
  9.  Do You Remember // Jack Johnson
  10.  Rolling Stone // Passenger 
  11.  Dancing Shoes // Green River Ordinance
  12. & my personal favorite.... All or Nothing // Ryan Montbleau
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Hello, College!

Well, I'm finally writing! I've been waiting for a moment when I would have my laptop open and muster up the strength to say no to homework and yes to a little bit of word therapy. I'm not sure if I've officially published this online or not but I'm currently a freshman at Clemson University and I'm majoring in Pre-Professional Health studies. It's been a few weeks since I've moved in - I'm knee deep in classes, done with rush (Alpha Phi!!), and officially over dining hall food. So yes, I'm transitioning to the "college life" well, but it still has not been easy. And that right there, is why I haven't been able to post. 
Over the summer I loved sharing my outfits, travels, and ideas on A Dash of Class. Now that I'm balancing a college workload I feel as if maybe I don't have time for what I thought I wanted this blog to be. I have gone back and force between being in love with the idea of blogging and simply thinking it was a waste of my time. I've come to the conclusion that it does not have to be either of the above! I want a place to share my thoughts and my life with friends, family, and the community of bloggers I interact with. This is my safe haven for that, and I am so incredibly happy to have came to that realization.
Now that I'm done making excuses, I can talk all about college and what it's been like being a nine hour car ride away from my childhood home. The first thing I'll say - it's taxing. Mentally, emotionally, and physical taxing. I'm entirely on my own in a place I have slim to no knowledge of. I've gotten lost and made some stupid mistakes. Fortunately nothing too traumatic happened (I don't think sitting in the wrong Chem classroom for a solid 5 minutes just to realize your class is a floor up counts as 'traumatic' - right?) but if it did I would laugh it off anyways. The second thing I'll say is that it is SO exciting. Trying to be positive here - but it's so true! I've met so many new people, all of whom I can totally express the new me that I spent all of high school finding with! Anyone who knows of Clemson knows how big our football is. I had my first ever Clemson football game last weekend and even though I got lost from my roommate and couldn't find the student gate I was captivated by the sea of orange and the chanting crowd as soon as I walked to my seat. And here's a picture just to show you how great it actually was:

I've been jotting down little snippets of funny moments, things I've learned, things I wish someone had told me etc. I will definitely be blowing those up into full blog post form as soon as I have a break between lecture, lab, review sessions, and new member meetings (can you feel the 'overwhelmed' in the air right now?), but until then, Thanks For Reading! 

xx, Adrienne

ps ~ So happy I could update everyone, even if its just a few of my friends from home, college is hard but so much fun! 


Palm Leaf One Piece Swimsuit

I don't know about you guys but I am LOVING this one piece trend. I picked up this suit back in the spring and was waiting for my beach vacation to be able to use it! It's so comfy and flattering - I highly recommend it. Unfortunately my exact swimsuit is sold out online, but I linked a few other similar palm leaf one pieces below. My sunglasses are from Nordstrom BP - only $12 but they look great on! Totally worth the purchase, and great beach sunnies because you won't be stressing about getting them dirty. 

Swim Suit 1 | 2 | 3 // Sunglasses

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Travel Diary - Berlin

The very first day of my European trip (a super tired and jet lagged day) was spent in Berlin, Germany! We spent the day at a mall that had a starbucks - thank god - and then went to dinner and ice cream. This was a short day, because we were all SO tired and ready to crash. Half of us fell asleep drinking our coffee in Starbucks!

The first full day was spent on a bus tour exploring the park pictures below and then venturing to the Berlin Wall. 

A snippet of the remains of The Berlin Wall - all marked up with graffiti, mostly sarcastic writings or comical pictures about the events of the era when the wall was still standing. 
Berlin wall, we stopped for lunch - a delicious pizza and sparkling water, which is what they serve in Europe unless you ask for it "still". We shopped around and hit one of my favorite store I've ever had the luxury of stumbling upon - Pull & Bear! On their website you can check out their locations - a must shop if you're going overseas anytime soon. 

Me in the Pull & Bear dressing room:

Outfit details here.

We visited two holocaust memorials/museums; both pictured below:

And a few more Berlin snaps just to show you what it was like! 

After Berlin we headed to Warsaw. This post is on the shorter side because 1. I was so tired in Berlin and 2. It wasn't my favorite city! Warsaw & Prague travel diaries will be extensive, I promise.

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July Favorites

A new thing I've decided to blog about (thanks to the consistency of some of my favorite you tubers with this subject - Sarahbelle and Meghan Rienks) is my monthly favorites! I divided it into a few categories and decided to pick one or two things for each one a month. I love reading or watching these types of posts for new ideas for products to try out, foods to eat, etc. Hope you enjoy!

  • Fashion: My fashion favorite for this month has to be Wild Fox Couture! I'm so into graphic tees lately and Wild Fox has some of the cutest ones out there. I recently bought a pair of sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack that happened to be Wildfox (post ft. these glasses here) and got online and discovered the brand further.
  • Food: Speaking of food... This month has been all about just that. Going on vacation and planning my grad party has been a whirlwind of food thoughts and plans and actions. Down in Charleston, the heartland of southern food, you can find all sorts of gems. My favorite? A slender little biscuit shop on King St. Callie's Hot Little Biscuits started forming a line as soon as the doors opened at 8 am! And for good reason. My favorite is the cheese and chive biscuit, but truthfully I just love them all. photo: {via}
  • Music: My favorite song right now is Paris by The 1975. I am absolutely in love with it and can not stop playing it. A close second would be George Ezra's Blame It on Me and Eric Church's Record Year.
  • Beauty: This month I tried a new foundation and concealer. My skin has been irritated lately and I didn't have much else to blame it on besides makeup. I started using Bare Minerals foundation and cover up. I love it so much! It has a sheer coverage that gives me a natural look which is exactly what I want. P.s. thanks so much to the always helpful ladies at Ulta for recommending me this product!
  • Quote: "The kindest words my father said to me women like you drown oceans." - rupee kaur - found {via}
  • 7.22.2016

    Pink and Green Palm Leaf Romper

    The picture above is a fun shot of me frolicking a pretty park in the heart of Berlin. This was the first day of a 12 day trip to four different cities in Eastern Europe. Travel Diaries for each city are coming soon!
    To start this outfit post lets talk about my romper! I picked it up at my local Nordstrom's in the Topshop section. I loved the colors and the flattering waist line it gives with the little string tie it comes with. I also loved the neckline which is perfect for a bralette! I wore my black bralette from Urban Outfitters. The colors in the romper made me so happy that I had to pair it with my recent impulse buy (oops, at least it was on sale) - These Wild Fox Couture pink sunglasses. I love the cat eye look, and of course the color. My purse was an Old Navy last minute purchase before my trip. I wanted a cheap cross body for traveling so far, just in case anything were to happen to it. I absolutely loved this bag because 1. It zips - no stressing about things falling out! 2. The neutral coloring worked for all my outfits, and 3. It has the cutest tassel zipper ever! I caved on the puff ball keychain fad and bought one of my own. I saw a super cute pin on Pinterest (why is this line how all of my outfit stories start??? I think I have an addiction...) with a grey cross body and a ballerina pink puff ball keychain and I just knew that was the color I wanted! 
    Here are a few more shots of me at the Berlin Wall sporting my outfit! Read more about the Berlin Wall in my up and coming travel diary on Berlin!

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    My Agenda Picks For 2016 - 17

    Agendas have become increasingly popular over the past few years, for more than just writing down your everyday activities. The "look" of your agenda becomes your school supply color scheme, and a common prop in your coffee shop study sesh pictures. So naturally, your agendas aesthetic is somewhat important. I've rounded up some of my favorite agenda's from various brands, different from the usual Lilly Pulitzer new releases. Don't get me wrong, the Lilly agendas are all fabulously designed, but sometimes switching it up here and there can do a little good. Have at it, happy shopping!
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