Berlin Travel Diary

A snippet of the remains of The Berlin Wall - all marked up with graffiti, mostly sarcastic writings or comical pictures about the events of the era when the wall was still standing. 
The very first day of my European trip (a super tired and jet lagged day) was spent in Berlin, Germany! We spent the day at a mall that had a starbucks - thank god - and then went to dinner and ice cream. This was a short day, because we were all SO tired and ready to crash. Half of us fell asleep drinking our coffee in Starbucks!

The first full day was spent on a bus tour exploring the park pictures below and then venturing to the Berlin Wall (cover photo). 

After the Berlin wall, we stopped for lunch - a delicious pizza and sparkling water, which is what they serve in Europe unless you ask for it "still". We shopped around and hit one of my favorite store I've ever had the luxury of stumbling upon - Pull & Bear! On their website you can check out their locations - a must shop if you're going overseas anytime soon. 

Me in the Pull & Bear dressing room:

Outfit details here.

We visited two holocaust memorials/museums; both pictured below:

And a few more Berlin snaps just to show you what it was like! 

After Berlin we headed to Warsaw. This post is on the shorter side because 1. I was so tired in Berlin and 2. It wasn't my favorite city! Warsaw & Prague travel diaries will be extensive, I promise.

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xx, Adrienne

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