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I love this gift guide because I am 110% obsessed with comfortable clothing lately. Maybe its just because I'm a college student, or maybe its just because its been so cold out lately, but either way I definitely have seen a trend in my buying habits. From cozy sweaters, to fluffy robes, to cute mugs for my afternoon coffee - I've rounded up all of my most coveted & gift worthy cozy items so that you can give your friends and family the gift of comfort this holiday season! I linked them below with a little description and pricing, and as usual you can shop all of the pieces above by simply clicking on the picture above.


Plush Leggings | Love these cozy plush leggings from Old Navy! And they're only $30 - I can see myself wearing these for every lazy Sunday from here on out.
UGG Moccasins | These are a cozy staple, slippers are so vital to staying in all day with a cup of hot cocoa. $100
Thick Knit Blanket | I have seen these everywhere lately! They're so trendy and fun & I seriously love them! I couldn't think of anything better than ripped this wooly goodness out of a bag on Christmas.
Candle | I'm in love with every candle from Anthropologie, but I chose this one because I thought it was just adorable. Candles are a good gift for someone you may not know too well - because everyone loves a candle. But at the same time, if you know someones favorite scent this can totally be a personal gift as well.
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate | What sounds better than a fun flavor hot chocolate on a snowy day? Nothing - thats what. Giving this as a gift would ensure some fun memories and cute hot chocolate pictures for whoever you're giving it to!
Fuzzy Slippers | If you're not sure about the moccasin look - these slippers are traditional and super fun! Everyone loves a quality pair of fuzzy slippers - I've ever worn mine to class once or twice!
Turtleneck Sweater | I love how cozy this sweater is - its warm & cuddly, but still fashionable. You can style it up or down, and everyone will be so jealous of how warm you are! Perfect to give that one person who loves clothes (@myself)!
Blue Fuzzy Shorts | I've always wanted a fun pair of fuzzy shorts like these - any girl will be singing your praises if you gift them with these, fuzzy is the new flora - trust me on this one. They're under $40, and Nordstrom always has quality clothing so you know you're giving a well made gift.
Pink Sleep Mask | Cheap + cute present alert! At only $7 this sleeping mask would be adorable in a little bag with some fun face masks or nail polish. Or pair it with anything else on this cozy gift guide if you really want to stick with a theme!
Fuzzy Robe | I've always wanted a super super fuzzy robe that I can snuggle up in after a hot shower. This is such a fun gift because its something that most people want but don't think to buy for themselves! And this one is only $20!
'Dreamer' Mug | This is a perfect gift if you don't know what to get! Everyone loves a cute mug, even if they aren't a huge coffee drinker. And its under $9 - but looks so much more expensive!
Get Cozy Welcome Mat | I love this fun welcome mat! For someone who loves their home or is moving (maybe a college student moving into an apartment?) this is the perfect house warming present.

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