The In's & Out's of Staying Motivated

Motivation has always been something I've felt I was good at. My motivation was internal at times, and external at others, but it was always there. I was always striving for something. Lately, I've been a lot less motivated than usual, with school, relationships, & just living my life. I could take an easy route and blame it all on senior-itis, which, to be fair, is a lot of it. But I decided to look deeper into what was making me lack my usual "shoot for the stars" mantra; and to fix it.

I was moved to write post and am excited to share with you what it is I found. Motivation isn't about always being productive, and always finishing tasks on time. Granted, that is helpful in the big scheme of things, but that is not what motivation is. Getting and staying motivated depends solely on your ability to see the big picture. There are numerous times in life where you will do small tasks, which create a big result. But.. All we see is the big result. We never see all the small and frustrating failures that hide within the wall of a giant success. Understanding that these small failures, and sometimes small successes, eventually make up whatever it is you want, is how we create motivation. Key word: eventually.

"The only way to get immediate results is to focus on today. What you do today will be who you are next week."

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne

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