The Perfect White Dress For Summer

Hello friends! :)
A little while back, Garth Brooks was in town and being the country music lover I am I HAD to see this legend live (plot twist: that was actually the second time I've seen him.. oops!). So I thought what is better than a white dress and cowboy boots to express my own style with southern twist. I felt successful!

Now for the story about how I stumbled upon this dress... Over spring break I did some online shopping and ran into sheinside.com. I was shocked at the cheap prices and the adorable clothes I found -- not a common pair am I right? So I read some reviews, and they all seemed pretty decent. Minor issues like sizing were the only bad things I could find. So I went ahead and ordered this dress (and a few more items... stay tuned!) and they ALL fit and they were pretty good quality for the price! Sheinside also gives you 40% off your first purchase, as well as offering a very large selection of sale items at all times. This white dress I'm wearing was only $21.99! Ridiculous right?! I'm always down for a deal, and so of course I had to share this with you guys! Don't break the bank, but happy shopping :)

Dress//Boots(similar)//Bag (similar)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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