Dallas Travel Diary

HELLO ALL! If you follow my instagram (@adash_ofclass) you probably saw that I took a weekend trip to Dallas last weekend! I'm such a fan of the city and everything it has to offer; most importantly the outstanding Mexican food and the fabulous shopping... :) I'm doing a recap of all the places I went & enjoyed while I was there, so please, read on!

Day One: SMU Tour

 My main reason for visiting was to take a college tour at Southern Methodist University. I had never been but I talked to a rep at a college fair, liked what they were all about and so I applied! I ended up getting accepted and offered some scholarships, so I thought visiting would be a good idea and let me tell ya, it was. The campus blew me away and I was impressed with all of their attributes, definitely one of my top choices for the upcoming fall. 
p.s. How am I graduating high school so soon?! 

Day Two: Dallas Exploration
A hotel that delivers Starbs via room service? Count me in.

Stop 1...
The JFK Memorial Museum -- Sooo interesting (I'm not a huge fan of history or politics so it really must have been interesting!) & so very cool to experience. Had to be a little touristy. :)

Stop 2...
Lunch -- We went to Mi Cocina in West Village. 

I also loved the shopping in West Village, they had a Kendra Scott and Club Monaco!

Stop 3...
The Dallas Museum of Art -- One of my favorite things to do is see different art museums, and I was lucky enough to be in Dallas on the last day of the Pop Art exhibit, and one of the days of the Jackson Pollock exhibit. I loved them both!

Last Stop...
The Sprinkles in Dallas has a Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor right next to the cupcake atm... I am obsessed! I got a cupcake ice cream sandwich... 12/10 highly recommend. 

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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  1. SMU has such a beautiful campus!! I've been there a few times before and I'm always blown away by how pretty it is. Also, Mi Cocina is the real MVP - the rice is sooo good.