Part 2: Sweater Dress Style

Hi friends! I hope everyone has a lovely week so far.
P.s. you're halfway through!

So I did this look with my pretty Free People cape over top in downtown C-bus, so if you have read the blog lately you've seen that! Afterwards I visited The Franklin Park Conservatory & couldn't resist doing a little bit of shooting there as well, because it's gorgeous this time of year!
The heart I'm so happily smiling in in the photos below was a decoration left over from a wedding (The Conservatory is a hot spot for weddings if you're ever oh, you know, engaged and in the area). I liked both sets of pictures so much that I really wanted to post both - but they were very different. Thus, Sweater Dress Style part 1&2 are born! 

(Read Pt. 1 here)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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  1. This is so cute with the heart made out of wood and love your outfit!!