Part 1: Sweater Dress Style

I did two sets of pictures in this sweater dress. One set outside in downtown Columbus, and the other was... Well that's for part 2! I love this sweater dress, and this poncho, so naturally I had to do separate posts to show off both styles!
Probably my favorite part about this outfit is my purse, which was a Christmas present. I really wanted a Louis Vuitton purse, and this one is just too cute. It's vintage, so it's a pretty red on the inside, which is probably my favorite part! My poncho is from Nordstrom Rack, but its by Free People. I am such a huge Free People lover, their clothes are just so different and interesting, with just enough lace & pink to satisfy my girly side.
These pictures are taken outside The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, my absolute favorite place to get Sunday morning coffee with my best friend, Nikki. And, it tends to be my favorite place to take pictures (I'm a sucker for a brick wall). 

Sweater Dress(sold out of my color)//Poncho//Shoes//Purse(vintage)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. Love the striped over coat!! So cute.


    1. Thanks my dear, I appreciate it!

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