Snowy With a Hint of Maroon

IT SNOWED!!! I'm just a little excited... Unfortunately, I wasn't off school *insert extra extra sad face here* so I didn't get to fully enjoy the beauty of this snow, except, you know, trampling over it in my bean boots for blog pictures. Typical. 

Anyways, my outfit in this post is a little bit scattered. When I put it together I was so excited about it, but when I went to find the items online... Well they were not so easy to find. My earmuffs are from a boutique in downtown Columbus, which sadly enough, recently shut down. I linked a similar pair below, just in case you were looking for some like these! I also like this pair of earmuffs. My sweater is from Urban Outfitters, and is by BDG. I LOVE this sweater, it is so comfy and adorable. Currently, the color I'm wearing is sold out online, but they still have other colors available so I linked those below. 
My leggings are from PINK. They are the light cotton leggings similar to the plain black ones they sell. I really like these leggings, mostly for the color. Linked below is a cheaper pair from Forever 21, but you could potentially also find these leggings by VS on Poshmark. My scarf is from Anthropologie, and is completely MIA from the website which is super cool. Super good. Great. But once again, I linked a similar one below. The one product that gave me no trouble was my bean boots! Almost everyone has heard of bean boots, or seen them around before. There are lots of different types, but I linked the pair I'm wearing below. 
So there's my little rant, hope you enjoy. :)

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne


  1. This outfit is so cute, it just snowed here too!
    xo, Syd