Monday Must See // Feb 8

Welcome to my very FIRST Monday Must See post! I love the way that bloggers like Carly, and Lauren Conrad recap their current obsessions in a blog post, because that is where I always begin my favorite kind of explorations perusing the many happenings of the online world (and the shopping, duh)! So here's to my new weekly post -- I can't wait to begin sharing my favorites with you.

1. Meghan Rienks Youtube Channel - I love her personality! Every video has something so unique about it. I especially love her video about anxiety, and her makeup tutorials. 

2. This article by Marc and Angel Life Hacks on turning your life around... at any age!

3. The cutest passport cover I've ever seen

4. This Chanel lipstick (#402) is named after me! :) Do they have your name?

5. John Green books... He is most well known for The Fault in Our Stars, but my two current favorites are An Abundance of Katherine's and Looking For Alaska

6. I got a twitter AND tumblr! Follow me :)

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  1. Love the post, can't wait for more Monday Must See posts!
    Keep up the great work,