6 Ways to De-Stress Your Way to Success

So it's that time of year isn't it? Winter is basically the 'Wednesday' of the school year. I always get in a special sort of funk this time of year, and often need ways to escape the stress of a million different things I have going on. And more importantly, the lack of sunshine. Yeah, probably mostly the lack of sunshine. Anyways I've thrown thrown together a few ways I have been using so far this winter + have used in the past. These are all pretty basic, but we often forget how necessary they are! So take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and read on to see how to de-stress your way to success.

  1. Mindless activities that require a calm body, such as... Adult coloring books, or a paint by number kit. I've been doing both here and there. They are practically my lifesavers. It's so much easier to be insanely productive after you have taken a short healthy break. Sometimes it's just what you need to finish that last little bit of work you just couldn't bring yourself to finish earlier. 
  2. Get up & move a little, for example... A quick jog. A full blown workout. A yoga class. A yoga/workout app on your phone (I prefer sworkit -- youtube channel here). Even simple stretching will do the job. Your body can not stay cramped at your desk for too long, you've got to get up and refresh your body. 
  3. Take a dip in the tub & play some tunes, like.... Kodaline, Vance Joy, Hozier, and The Lumineers. A few of my favorite softer artists who always seem to calm my nerves. I usually play "Vance Joy Radio" on Pandora. Make sure to stop by your local lush and pick up a sparkly bath bomb before your bath!
  4. Write it all down. 9 times out of 10 I feel better when my thoughts are on paper and not inside my head. If you're stressed because you had a bad day, write about that. If you're stressed for no reason, write about anything. A person you care about, or maybe someone you don't. A city you love, an event that meant a lot to you. Anything at all really, just make sure to let your thoughts flow. 
  5. Get off your phone! Be productively unproductive. Yes, it sounds hypocritical, but here's what I mean. Do something that isn't necessarily on your to-do list, but can help you get there. Something to give you energy, something to get you motivated. Unfortunately for all of us, instagram doesn't exactly fulfill those requirements. 
  6. When in doubt.... Netflix it out. Nuff' said. 
Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne

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