Hello, College!

Well, I'm finally writing! I've been waiting for a moment when I would have my laptop open and muster up the strength to say no to homework and yes to a little bit of word therapy. I'm not sure if I've officially published this online or not but I'm currently a freshman at Clemson University and I'm majoring in Pre-Professional Health studies. It's been a few weeks since I've moved in - I'm knee deep in classes, done with rush (Alpha Phi!!), and officially over dining hall food. So yes, I'm transitioning to the "college life" well, but it still has not been easy. And that right there, is why I haven't been able to post.

Over the summer I loved sharing my outfits, travels, and ideas on A Dash of Class. Now that I'm balancing a college workload I feel as if maybe I don't have time for what I thought I wanted this blog to be. I have gone back and force between being in love with the idea of blogging and simply thinking it was a waste of my time. I've come to the conclusion that it does not have to be either of the above! I want a place to share my thoughts and my life with friends, family, and the community of bloggers I interact with. This is my safe haven for that, and I am so incredibly happy to have came to that realization.
Now that I'm done making excuses, I can talk all about college and what it's been like being a nine hour car ride away from my childhood home. The first thing I'll say - it's taxing. Mentally, emotionally, and physical taxing. I'm entirely on my own in a place I have slim to no knowledge of. I've gotten lost and made some stupid mistakes. Fortunately nothing too traumatic happened (I don't think sitting in the wrong Chem classroom for a solid 5 minutes just to realize your class is a floor up counts as 'traumatic' - right?) but if it did I would laugh it off anyways. The second thing I'll say is that it is SO exciting. Trying to be positive here - but it's so true! I've met so many new people, all of whom I can totally express the new me that I spent all of high school finding with! Anyone who knows of Clemson knows how big our football is. I had my first ever Clemson football game last weekend and even though I got lost from my roommate and couldn't find the student gate I was captivated by the sea of orange and the chanting crowd as soon as I walked to my seat. And here's a picture just to show you how great it actually was:

I've been jotting down little snippets of funny moments, things I've learned, things I wish someone had told me etc. I will definitely be blowing those up into full blog post form as soon as I have a break between lecture, lab, review sessions, and new member meetings (can you feel the 'overwhelmed' in the air right now?), but until then, Thanks For Reading! 

xx, Adrienne

ps ~ So happy I could update everyone, even if its just a few of my friends from home, college is hard but so much fun! 

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