Part 2: Sweater Dress Style

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So I did this look with my pretty Free People cape over top in downtown C-bus, so if you have read the blog lately you've seen that! Afterwards I visited The Franklin Park Conservatory & couldn't resist doing a little bit of shooting there as well, because it's gorgeous this time of year! The heart I'm so happily smiling in in the photos below was a decoration left over from a wedding (The Conservatory is a hot spot for weddings if you're ever oh, you know, engaged and in the area). I liked both sets of pictures so much that I really wanted to post both - but they were very different. Thus, Sweater Dress Style part 1&2 are born! 

(Read Pt. 1 here)

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Dallas Travel Diary

HELLO ALL! If you follow my instagram (@adash_ofclass) you probably saw that I took a weekend trip to Dallas last weekend! I'm such a fan of the city and everything it has to offer; most importantly the outstanding Mexican food and the fabulous shopping... :) I'm doing a recap of all the places I went & enjoyed while I was there, so please, read on!

Day One: SMU Tour

 My main reason for visiting was to take a college tour at Southern Methodist University. I had never been but I talked to a rep at a college fair, liked what they were all about and so I applied! I ended up getting accepted and offered some scholarships, so I thought visiting would be a good idea and let me tell ya, it was. The campus blew me away and I was impressed with all of their attributes, definitely one of my top choices for the upcoming fall. 
p.s. How am I graduating high school so soon?! 

Day Two: Dallas Exploration
A hotel that delivers Starbs via room service? Count me in.

Stop 1...
The JFK Memorial Museum -- Sooo interesting (I'm not a huge fan of history or politics so it really must have been interesting!) & so very cool to experience. Had to be a little touristy. :)

Stop 2...
Lunch -- We went to Mi Cocina in West Village. 

I also loved the shopping in West Village, they had a Kendra Scott and Club Monaco!

Stop 3...
The Dallas Museum of Art -- One of my favorite things to do is see different art museums, and I was lucky enough to be in Dallas on the last day of the Pop Art exhibit, and one of the days of the Jackson Pollock exhibit. I loved them both!

Last Stop...
The Sprinkles in Dallas has a Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor right next to the cupcake atm... I am obsessed! I got a cupcake ice cream sandwich... 12/10 highly recommend. 

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Part 1: Sweater Dress Style

Sweater Dress(sold out of my color)//Poncho//Shoes//Purse(vintage)

I did two sets of pictures in this sweater dress. One set outside in downtown Columbus, and the other was... Well that's for part 2! I love this sweater dress, and this poncho, so naturally I had to do separate posts to show off both styles! Probably my favorite part about this outfit is my purse, which was a Christmas present. I really wanted a Louis Vuitton purse, and this one is just too cute. It's vintage, so it's a pretty red on the inside, which is probably my favorite part! My poncho is from Nordstrom Rack, but its by Free People. I am such a huge Free People lover, their clothes are just so different and interesting, with just enough lace & pink to satisfy my girly side. 
These pictures are taken outside The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, my absolute favorite place to get Sunday morning coffee with my best friend, Nikki. And, it tends to be my favorite place to take pictures (I'm a sucker for a brick wall). 

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Snowy With a Hint of Maroon

IT SNOWED!!! I'm just a little excited... Unfortunately, I wasn't off school *insert extra extra sad face here* so I didn't get to fully enjoy the beauty of this snow, except, you know, trampling over it in my bean boots for blog pictures. Typical. 
Anyways, my outfit in this post is a little bit scattered. When I put it together I was so excited about it, but when I went to find the items online... Well they were not so easy to find. My earmuffs are from a boutique in downtown Columbus, which sadly enough, recently shut down. I linked a similar pair below, just in case you were looking for some like these! I also like this pair of earmuffs. My sweater is from Urban Outfitters, and is by BDG. I LOVE this sweater, it is so comfy and adorable. Currently, the color I'm wearing is sold out online, but they still have other colors available so I linked those below. 
My leggings are from PINK. They are the light cotton leggings similar to the plain black ones they sell. I really like these leggings, mostly for the color. Linked below is a cheaper pair from Forever 21, but you could potentially also find these leggings by VS on Poshmark. My scarf is from Anthropologie, and is completely MIA from the website which is super cool. Super good. Great. But once again, I linked a similar one below. The one product that gave me no trouble was my bean boots! Almost everyone has heard of bean boots, or seen them around before. There are lots of different types, but I linked the pair I'm wearing below. 
So there's my little rant, hope you enjoy. :)

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DIY Watercolor Mug Tutorial

Hi everybody! Today I'm doing a how-to on the most adorable (and unique) mugs EVER! Me and my friend Nikki, found the idea on pinterest and decided to try it out. It was most definitely a success. So, if you would like to try it out, read on!


- Nail Polish.. preferably bright and colorful!
- Toothpicks (not 100% necessary but helpful)
- Plain white mugs - different shapes & sizes are fun!
- A old container filled with warm water.. Make sure you don't mind the container getting dirty.

Step One:

Pour a few drops of nail polish into the tub. All the mugs I made were two-toned, so once the first set of drops spread out in the water, I splashed another set of drops randomly on top of it. 

This... Is what is looked like after the second set of drops. 

Step Two:

Dip your mug into the water where the color is. Make sure you do this very quickly after you put the drops in the water, otherwise the nail polish will dry and it won't work. Make sure when you dip the mug that all of the parts that you want colored are covered in water. If you want to coat all sides of the mug, you can turn the mug within the water, but again, make sure you act fast!

Step Three:

Take your mug out of the water and marvel at the results! My favorite thing about these mugs is that each one is SO different from the next. And they're all so beautiful! 

A Few Things to Remember...

- Do not dip your mug BACK in the nail polish after you've taken it out, it could ruin the coloring. 
- When you do take the mug out, you may have to dab it with a paper towel to get clumps of color/large droplets of water off the mug. 
- The toothpicks can be used to swirl around the polish within the water and make designs. 

Annnd.... The final product!

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6 Ways to De-Stress Your Way to Success

So it's that time of year isn't it? Winter is basically the 'Wednesday' of the school year. I always get in a special sort of funk this time of year, and often need ways to escape the stress of a million different things I have going on. And more importantly, the lack of sunshine. Yeah, probably mostly the lack of sunshine. Anyways I've thrown thrown together a few ways I have been using so far this winter + have used in the past. These are all pretty basic, but we often forget how necessary they are! So take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and read on to see how to de-stress your way to success.

  1. Mindless activities that require a calm body, such as... Adult coloring books, or a paint by number kit. I've been doing both here and there. They are practically my lifesavers. It's so much easier to be insanely productive after you have taken a short healthy break. Sometimes it's just what you need to finish that last little bit of work you just couldn't bring yourself to finish earlier. 
  2. Get up & move a little, for example... A quick jog. A full blown workout. A yoga class. A yoga/workout app on your phone (I prefer sworkit -- youtube channel here). Even simple stretching will do the job. Your body can not stay cramped at your desk for too long, you've got to get up and refresh your body. 
  3. Take a dip in the tub & play some tunes, like.... Kodaline, Vance Joy, Hozier, and The Lumineers. A few of my favorite softer artists who always seem to calm my nerves. I usually play "Vance Joy Radio" on Pandora. Make sure to stop by your local lush and pick up a sparkly bath bomb before your bath!
  4. Write it all down. 9 times out of 10 I feel better when my thoughts are on paper and not inside my head. If you're stressed because you had a bad day, write about that. If you're stressed for no reason, write about anything. A person you care about, or maybe someone you don't. A city you love, an event that meant a lot to you. Anything at all really, just make sure to let your thoughts flow. 
  5. Get off your phone! Be productively unproductive. Yes, it sounds hypocritical, but here's what I mean. Do something that isn't necessarily on your to-do list, but can help you get there. Something to give you energy, something to get you motivated. Unfortunately for all of us, instagram doesn't exactly fulfill those requirements. 
  6. When in doubt.... Netflix it out. Nuff' said. 
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Sweaters & Suede

If you've read my last post, you can probably put two and two together enough to understand why it is that I'm posting this fall-esque outfit so late into Winter... Long story short the laptop I use for blogging, as well as my camera simultaneously decided to break... Nice. I've had these pictures sitting in my files ready to be edited and posted for quite some time now... *Over-dramatic sigh*. So without further ado I give you my lovely suede skirt styled with my maroon turtleneck, and some riding boots! Enjoy! :)

P.S. The festive wreaths in my pictures are extending belated holiday cheer... I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday!

Turtleneck//Suede Skirt(Now less than $20!)//Boots//Earrings

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Life Updates // Typical Chaos

Hello Everyone! I have been entirely absent from posting as of lately, and I apologize... I do of course, have an excuse that is hopefully going to suffice. So, I left school early on the last day, to head to Charleston (if you follow me on insta: @adriennecaroline, you have seen my pictures and know Charleston is the love of my life) for a cruise out to the Bahamas. As soon as I got inside I took out my camera just to find that it was entirely broken. And to add to my distress, so was the laptop. Since social media was all I had to work with, I tried to post consistently. But of course, didn't have service in the middle of the ocean. 

Moral of my little story is, I've had a nice little blog break and I'm very very ready to make 2016 the year I really take my blog to the next level. I already have multiple travel plans this year, which I can't wait to photograph and post about... I also have a design makeover planned as well as intentions to expand my social media usage to snapchat, twitter, and tumblr! All in good time of course. So I guess you could say that blogging is a resolution of sorts. I can not wait to really dive into blogging as much more than a hobby. So bear with me as I plan, and tweak, and learn more and more about the means of A Dash of Class. 

And a final thank you to anyone who took the time to read my lame excuse for my lack of posting all the way through -- You're a blessing. :) 

xx, Adrienne