8 Products That Are 'Worth The Splurge'

Hi readers! Lately I've been thinking a lot about smart shopping. There are a lot of instances where I spend a lot of my money on a product that just... Isn't worth it. I get barely any use out of it - or even sometimes none at all. Often I'm tempted to buy products because bloggers advertise them or because they're trendy. These thoughts led to ask the question... "So, what do I get a lot of use out of?" These are my "Trust me - I swear by it!" products. I have used these a loooooot, but some of them are on the pricey side.


Color Block Cardigan

Hello everyone! I'm so excited about todays post because I'm wearing my favorite jean skirt again! This skirt is super well made and very flattering, so if you've been on the market for a little bit of trendy denim - this is definitely it. I picked up this cardigan at Nordstrom Rack and then saw Caitlin Covington from Southern Curls and Pearls wearing it on her instagram so I knew it was a good buy (she is one of my favorite bloggers!).


How To Always Have a Productive Monday


Today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite topics: productivity. I love feeling like I'm getting things done, crossing things off my to do list, and making the most of my day. It also helps me to relax and reward myself with down time. Mondays are a day that everyone seems to dread - but for me, its the beginning of a week of productivity, which doesn't have to be stressful if its planned and executed correctly. Without further ado, here is my advice on how to have a productive & successful Monday.


Coffeehouse Playlist for Winter

Lately music has been everything to me. I absolutely love coming home from class and playing some soft and calming music to wind down from my day. It's important to me to have a solid playlist that I can put on for a little while at a time and not have to worrying about skipping every other song! These are the songs I have been listening to while I clean my room, write up blog posts, sip some tea, or just plan for my day. I hope you enjoy - let me know what your favorites are in the comments below!


A First Semester (ever) Reflection

I want to start this post off by saying how incredible grateful I am to have the opportunity to go away for college. I have made so many memories and met some incredible people. It's definitely been an experience that changed me - it helped me grow up. But I would be lying if I told you that it wasn't hard at times. In honor of the start of a new semester (as well as surviving the first semester - woo!) I gathered a few things that I just really wish I knew before going away to school, or maybe just things I wish I would have listened to.


Lace Up in The City

This has to be one of my favorite outfit posts so far! I'm obsessed with the lace up trend, along with big comfy sweaters, and this one fits both categories. It's also on sale for the next TWO days so hurry to the Goodnight Macaroon and order quick!


Southern California Travel Diary

If you've been following my Instagram (@adash_ofclass) you know that I was recently in the Newport Beach area for about a week! I absolutely loved every second on California time (besides the rainy days) and I wanted to share everything I did. So, here it goes!


Top Ten Tips for Rush

Spring sorority recruitment is almost upon us! I have quite a few friends whose schools use Spring as their primary recruitment. I rushed as soon as I got to school, so I figured I would round up some tips for those about to go through it. Rush is such an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. If you're anything like I was you're probably worrying about your outfit and the kinds of questions you should be prepared to answer.


New Years Resolutions To Inspire a GREAT 2017


So 2016 has been rough for (more than) a few of us - and maybe for some it's been good, even great. But no matter the past year and it's events, I'm sure you want to make this coming year even better than the last. I'm posting my New Year's resolutions to inspire others to do the same, and to make it easier to decide and prioritize the upcoming year. I'm planning on making 2017 a few different things: successful, organized, happy, and low-stress. There are things I want to accomplish, and things I want to do for myself - which I think all of these resolutions will help me fulfill.