Southern California Travel Diary

If you've been following my Instagram (@adash_ofclass) you know that I was recently in the Newport Beach area for about a week! I absolutely loved every second on California time (besides the rainy days) and I wanted to share everything I did. So, here it goes!

We stayed on Balboa Island, which is a quaint little beach town with adorable houses, good shopping, and lots of boats. Here is a picture of our house:

And a few pictures of Balboa itself:

       We ventured into Corona Del Mar for a few days, which is where we saw Little Corona and Big Corona - both beaches with the most beautiful scenery and sunsets I have ever seen! I took a few (ha - a little bit more than a few) photos of the various area's we visited here. Just for kicks I threw in a few miscellaneous pictures taken around Corona Del Mar during rare moments we strayed from the beach.

       One of my favorite things we did was visit the Laguna Beach area. We went to Crystal Cove State Park (highly recommend - so beautiful!) and saw the house from the movie Beaches. We had lunch with a view at Ruby's Shake Shack. It was an adorable little yellow shack with outdoor seating and the best burgers, sandwiches, and shakes!

       We were lucky enough to be staying on Balboa Island during their annual Christmas Boat parade. All of the pretty boats from around the area were decorated with a crazy amount of lights and Christmas decorations and sailed past us playing music. We got hot chocolate from the sweetest bakery on Balboa and camped out early to find a good spot. It was so crowded because people come from all over the Newport Beach area to watch!

       One of our very last sunny days we spent at Disneyland! 10/10 recommend amping up the disney magic and going around Christmas time. From the castle to the special Holiday rides and desserts, it was an experience at Disneyland for sure.

If you're interested in a little bit more of an interactive experience with my California adventure, check out the video I made on my youtube account. There's a link at the top of my blog that says 'On Youtube' that will take you straight there!

Thanks for Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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