8 Products That Are 'Worth The Splurge'

Hi readers! Lately I've been thinking a lot about smart shopping. There are a lot of instances where I spend a lot of my money on a product that just... Isn't worth it. I get barely any use out of it - or even sometimes none at all. Often I'm tempted to buy products because bloggers advertise them or because they're trendy. These thoughts led to ask the question... "So, what do I get a lot of use out of?" These are my "Trust me - I swear by it!" products. I have used these a loooooot, but some of them are on the pricey side.
Keeping in mind that not everyone likes the same things, has the same style, or wears clothes the same (everyBODY is beautiful, we are just different) I tried to make my list as neutral as it could be considering that my style plays into what I wear/buy a bit. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top 8 worth the splurge products!

1. Birkenstocks

These shoes average around $100. I would suggest checking the sale section, or even a local Nordstrom Rack if you want to snag a deal. I love my birkenstocks because they are just versatile, In this picture I'm wearing them with a T-Shirt dress, but I've also worn them with jeans to run errands, a quick slip on shoe when I'm late to class, or even walking long distances outside. They're a great shoe if you're the outdoorsy type - or even if you just love comfort (pretty universal I would say). 

2. Chanel Lipstick

Alright, I'm not going to lie to you, the reason I bought my first Chanel lipstick was because the shade was named 'Adrienne' (pictured above) and well that kind of thing just never happens! I bought it last winter and to my surprise I still wear it everywhere. It's longlasting, and such quality lipstick! I've never regretted making this purchase, and I've definitely found my staple color. I really don't wear lipstick often, and am overall not a huge fan of how statement colors look on me. My favorite thing about this shade is that it's practical and can be worn on any occasion. These lipsticks average around $36.00.

3. Better Than Sex Mascara

I think I could go on all day about this mascara. It is my go-to! I honestly am not sure if I will ever switch it up, its just that good. This mascara runs at about $23 and will last you a few solid months if you don't glob it on. I promise if you try it you will not regret it! I usually stock up at my local Ulta or Sephora. 

4. A Herschel Backpack 

I bought my first Herschel for my trip to Australia two summers ago. It was seriously such a great decision! I got so many compliments on how cute it was (I got a classic navy backpack) and it always held everything I needed. This year for my freshman year of college I got a white and pink striped backpack and absolutely love it as well! They are so classic and sturdy. 10/10 best backpack recommendation. These run for roughly $60-100.

5. Topshop Jeans

I have these jeans in a standard blue color, with ripped knees. They fit me so well, and honestly go with everything. The quality is great (duh - its Topshop!) and they are just so good for any time of the year. I purchased these at my local Nordstrom's for around $75!

6. Colored Ray-Bans

I'm obsessed with how fashionable these glasses are. I can throw them on with any outfit and immediately appear to have my life together - at least a little bit. Fake it till you make it right? These glasses are around $175.

7. Tory Burch Sandals

Just like my birkenstocks, these are the perfect sandal. They can be worn with a dress, jeans, a skirt, a more casual top and shorts... Honestly, endless possibilities. They always look classy and sophisticated, a timeless way to dress. I've had mine for over a year and they haven't shown wear and tear yet! Definitely long lasting, and worth their price of $195. (I have the color Sand Patent)

8. Levi Jean Shorts

I purchased these from Urban Outfitters towards the beginning of summer. I was hesitant to drop $80 on a pair of jean shorts, but I had only one pair that was a little too small, and these fit like a glove. I'm very excited to report that I've worn these dozens of times from exploring downtown, to going out in college, or with my jersey to the football games. I can really wear them anywhere and they're SO cute! Worth the price - although I'm sure you can scrounge to find them on sale somewhere online!

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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