New Years Resolutions To Inspire a GREAT 2017


So 2016 has been rough for (more than) a few of us - and maybe for some it's been good, even great. But no matter the past year and it's events, I'm sure you want to make this coming year even better than the last. I'm posting my New Year's resolutions to inspire others to do the same, and to make it easier to decide and prioritize the upcoming year. I'm planning on making 2017 a few different things: successful, organized, happy, and low-stress. There are things I want to accomplish, and things I want to do for myself - which I think all of these resolutions will help me fulfill.

1// Start Yoga classes.

2// Read (at least) one book per month.

3// Stop judging. Start Accepting. 

4// Make lists and stick to them.

5// Get an early start each and every day.

6// Save money.

7// Establish a consistent morning routine.

8// Travel somewhere I've never been.

9// Eat more green foods.

10// Write everyday.

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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