Charleston Photo Diary

If you've been following my instagram (link in the sidebar) you know that I spent my spring break in South Carolina! Here are some pictures to recap what I did during my day in Charleston. 

Unfortunately this is the only solid picture I got of what I wore... I was so busy taking in the beautiful city!

Can you guess what we decided to do next? Hint picture below....

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit was straight heaven. 10/10 would recommend!! Such a cute little restaurant on King St. If you choose to try it you definitely won't be disappointed. (p.s. look how yummy my breakfast sandwich looks *insert heart eye emoji*)

Annnnnd, onto my favorite part, my visit to The College of Charleston! I really love the atmosphere and the incredible scenery. Definitely a school that's on the top of my list. Here are some lovely pictures from this surreal campus....

A lot of people bike to class.... How adorable is that?!

After our campus tour we walked the streets a little bit (and we shopped... it was necessary).
This is a lovely picture of one of the many colorful houses that line the cobble stone streets.

I really do love this stair case! Read it from bottom to top!
{Location: king street, close proximity to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit}

"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." #onelove

I found a street sign that has my name on it! (Kidding.... totally kidding...)

A boutique I like called Sassy Shortcake.

Of course for the basic shopping make sure to hit everything up and down King street, such as Vineyard Vines, Palm Avenue (a Lilly Pulitzer via store), Sperry, Kate Spade and more! Another thing not pictures is where we stopped for lunch -- Toast! I would also recommend this for a lunch or dinner. They have great food and great service, and its cute and casual!

That concludes my Charleston picture diary! Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, Adrienne


Sandy Nights in Short Dresses

Well it's Sunday night, I have school tomorrow, I'm not at the beach anymore, and I am sitting here blogging pictures from a night spent by the water. I might be a little sad, just a little... Not to mention that I have no occasions here in Ohio to wear my adorable pink whale hat and new Lilly t-shirt dress. ): Well not yet anyways.... (Summer; thats your cue to hurry up). As you can see this look is super simple and you can dress it up or down. My ball cap definitely dresses it down, whereas a necklace, or wedges could definitely dress it up. Love versatile pieces! I'll keep this one short & sweet, hope everyone had a lovely spring break, leave me some comments and tell me what you did! Links to my outfit are below :)

Dress//Hat (similar)

Thanks For Reading!
XOXO, Adrienne


Beach Bum: Carolina Style

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to show you all my beachy attire for Spring Break. :) I'm loving this new Lilly pattern (Double Trouble), and Lilly purses will forever be my go-to beach bags because they're big enough for all my random, excessive stuff that just has to come to the beach with me. Ha ha. Anyways, I paired it with my derby style hat from Personalized From Me To You, with none other than a pink monogram on the rim. My favorite Old Navy white cover-up also matched perfectly with my beach theme. I love the detailing and the fit and would definitely give it a 10/10  highly recommend! Below are some pictures shot at the beach I'm vacationing at, Kiawah Island. If you've been there, or would like to see more posts about it, comment below! Scroll down for links to each of my pieces. 

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XOXO, Adrienne


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Today was definitely one big picturesque moment. Armed with my camera and some beautiful scenery, I took on Magnolia Plantation. It's located in Charleston, South Carolina and would be worth whatever walk, drive, or fly you have to take to get there. On a more realistic note, if you're in the area give it a go! There is a large garden area with 24 'steps' to walk through, and along the way is some beautiful moss trees, blooming flowers, and some bodies of water with adorable white bridges (has anyone seen The Notebook? I'm guessing yes!), perfect for all sorts of photo ops. All of these gardens are followed by the Plantation house, as well as a tour of the local swamp (with slave houses nearby... and tons of gators!) and a Peacock Cafe. That's right, peacocks are roaming near the dining area, and there is a petting zoo with even more peacocks, goats, deer, turtles, chickens, and a pig right around the corner. As you can probably guess, I took some pictures of this breathtaking place, to show you all exactly what I mean! So enjoy, and if you've been here/plan on going, tell me what you think! :)

Outfit details at the bottom of the post. 

Azaleas are so rarely in bloom, but we got lucky and caught them while they are in their prime!
The CUTEST tiny little gazebo!

Yes, this is how close you can get to the peacocks while you're eating (ps. I used a little zoom on this, otherwise I'm not sure the bird would have let me take this picture!) 

Fun Fact: This swamp was the inspiration for Shrek's swamp, aka, the producers came here to draw what they saw!

Definitely spooked me seeing these everywhere...

This field was incredible.

I own the gardens!..... Oh wait.
Casually waiting for my Noah Calhoun to row his tiny boat under this bridge and pick me up :)

Dress//Shoes//Necklace (similar)

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XOXO, Adrienne