Sandy Nights in Short Dresses

Well it's Sunday night, I have school tomorrow, I'm not at the beach anymore, and I am sitting here blogging pictures from a night spent by the water. I might be a little sad, just a little... Not to mention that I have no occasions here in Ohio to wear my adorable pink whale hat and new Lilly t-shirt dress. ): Well not yet anyways.... (Summer; thats your cue to hurry up). As you can see this look is super simple and you can dress it up or down. My ball cap definitely dresses it down, whereas a necklace, or wedges could definitely dress it up. Love versatile pieces! I'll keep this one short & sweet, hope everyone had a lovely spring break, leave me some comments and tell me what you did! Links to my outfit are below :)

Dress//Hat (similar)

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XOXO, Adrienne

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