Beach Bum: Carolina Style

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to show you all my beachy attire for Spring Break. :) I'm loving this new Lilly pattern (Double Trouble), and Lilly purses will forever be my go-to beach bags because they're big enough for all my random, excessive stuff that just has to come to the beach with me. Ha ha. Anyways, I paired it with my derby style hat from Personalized From Me To You, with none other than a pink monogram on the rim. My favorite Old Navy white cover-up also matched perfectly with my beach theme. I love the detailing and the fit and would definitely give it a 10/10  highly recommend! Below are some pictures shot at the beach I'm vacationing at, Kiawah Island. If you've been there, or would like to see more posts about it, comment below! Scroll down for links to each of my pieces. 

Thanks For Reading!
XOXO, Adrienne

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