Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Today was definitely one big picturesque moment. Armed with my camera and some beautiful scenery, I took on Magnolia Plantation. It's located in Charleston, South Carolina and would be worth whatever walk, drive, or fly you have to take to get there. On a more realistic note, if you're in the area give it a go! There is a large garden area with 24 'steps' to walk through, and along the way is some beautiful moss trees, blooming flowers, and some bodies of water with adorable white bridges (has anyone seen The Notebook? I'm guessing yes!), perfect for all sorts of photo ops. All of these gardens are followed by the Plantation house, as well as a tour of the local swamp (with slave houses nearby... and tons of gators!) and a Peacock Cafe. That's right, peacocks are roaming near the dining area, and there is a petting zoo with even more peacocks, goats, deer, turtles, chickens, and a pig right around the corner. As you can probably guess, I took some pictures of this breathtaking place, to show you all exactly what I mean! So enjoy, and if you've been here/plan on going, tell me what you think! :)

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Azaleas are so rarely in bloom, but we got lucky and caught them while they are in their prime!
The CUTEST tiny little gazebo!

Yes, this is how close you can get to the peacocks while you're eating (ps. I used a little zoom on this, otherwise I'm not sure the bird would have let me take this picture!) 

Fun Fact: This swamp was the inspiration for Shrek's swamp, aka, the producers came here to draw what they saw!

Definitely spooked me seeing these everywhere...

This field was incredible.

I own the gardens!..... Oh wait.
Casually waiting for my Noah Calhoun to row his tiny boat under this bridge and pick me up :)

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