Cozy in Maroon

 Don't let my smile fool you, I was absolutely freezing when we took these pictures (even though I was pretty bundled up)! I've been loving maroon lately, and when I saw these leggings at PINK I just knew I had to have them because they are comfy and adorable. They have a deal to get two of their simple cotton leggings for $32 ($20 individually), which is such a bargain considering how much use I will get out of them. The link below under 'leggings' goes to the pair I'm wearing in black, and two shades of gray, but the maroon color seems to be absent from the website. If you want to try and buy them I would definitely take a trip to your local PINK, it's worth it!
My Patagonia pullover is another piece that I get so much use out of. The color I picked (There are TONS available on the website... link below) matches well with almost anything, and is so soft and cozy for the days like today, when the temperature falls into the negatives. I bought the hat I'm wearing at the Topshop in Chicago a few winters back and still break it out again every year. I'm not a huge fan of winter hats but this one is definitely a different story! To match my maroon leggings I'm wearing a KJP bracelet (brooks brothers exclusive) with some hints of navy and maroon in a Tartan pattern. I got this bracelet in NYC when I met up with KJP and Sarah at their meet & greet at Brooks Brothers in the Flat Iron District! I  absolutely love to tell that story because I'm a huge fan of him. :)
My boots are by far my favorite part of my entire outfit. They are Tory Burch, and they are SO warm and SO stylish. They were a Nordstrom Rack find, so luckily they were on sale and even more luckily they were my size. I would highly recommend digging around the designer shoe section of your local Rack and finding some amazing deals. I know that they also stock a lot of the Reva Flat which is a great staple shoe to have. Here are some pictures of the pieces I mentioned above, all put together!


Thanks for Reading!
XOXO, Adrienne


  1. Ahh I love this outfit! The maroon looks great with the patagonia, love it!


  2. You look so cute!!
    xo, claudia