Vineyard Vines: Pink and Navy

Vineyard Vines just became a much more accessible fashion staple for me when they opened a store last Friday only 15 minutes from my house! They had an adorable grand opening party, with food and giveaways. There was a wheel to spin and whatever it landed on was your free gift (only if you tweeted/instagrammed a picturing with the hashtag 'VVcolumbus'). I got the adorable (and obnoxiously large) whale hat I'm wearing in some of the pictures below! The interior is so adorable, and I am absolutely looking forward to not having to worry about online orders.
I threw together this ensemble a couple days ago (pretty sure that was my 4th visit in the first week), and am really loving my westerly vest. I chose navy because it is the signature Vineyard Vines look, and because, well, my whole wardrobe could quite possibly be entirely navy. I actually picked out the pink shirt without the rain boots in mind, but as soon as I was browsing through my shoes, I knew they worked perfectly. The Vineyard Vines wellies are so comfortable, and so cute! Unfortunately they are not currently stocked online, but I have noticed them in the Columbus store, therefore they may be available in your local store as well!

Thanks for Reading!
xoxo, Adrienne

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