Monday Must See // Feb 15

*DISCLAIMER: My scheduled post didn't go up so.... Here is Monday's post, on a Tuesday night. Oopsy! Enjoy :)

Happy Monday! I've been in Sedona for the past four days (I left today *sad face *) and it has been absolutely amazing. I stayed at Enchantment Resort, and just relaxed. It's been absolutely amazing to enjoy 70 degree weather, vs. the negative windchill that is currently happening back home. Yikes! I'll have a travel diary on that coming up soon. Some pictures are already up on my twitter and insta (@adash_ofclass) so check those out!


Valentine's Day Cookie Tutorial

OBSESSED with these adorable Valentine's Day cookies! They're a bit challenging to make (not gonna lie here, Pinterest has got me with the "easy" recipes too many times..) But with a little practice and perfectionism, you can create some awesome cookies. So here we go with the tutorial..


Monday Must See // Feb 8

Welcome to my very FIRST Monday Must See post! I love the way that bloggers like Carly, and Lauren Conrad recap their current obsessions in a blog post, because that is where I always begin my favorite kind of explorations perusing the many happenings of the online world (and the shopping, duh)! So here's to my new weekly post -- I can't wait to begin sharing my favorites with you.