Go-To Makeup Products for an Easy Everyday Look

Hello everybody! I'm super excited to share this post with you all! I did an Instagram poll, and a lot of you said you wanted to see my top makeup products and why I used them. Before I start I just want to throw out the casual disclaimer that I am in no way a makeup guru (I try my best but I'm still in the learning phase) BUT I do have products that I love to use and that I buy consistently. These products are all of my favorites and I have bought them all multiple times for that exact reason! These are also the products I use for my everyday look, and most other makeup looks I create. 

If you've ever used any of these products, let me know below & let me know how you liked them! You'll probably notice that a lot of these products are Too Faced... What can I say? I just love everything about that brand. First of all, they're cruelty free & I love that in a makeup brand. I try to buy only cruelty free products because I truly don't see a reason to stray from them! There are so many good brands that are cruelty free, if you aren't sure which ones are and aren't you can read a list here! Another reason I love Too Faced is their product quality - I've never experienced a brand with more consistency throughout all different types of products. Every time I try something new I fall more in love with the brand! Oh, and their packaging is adorable if everything else wasn't enough.

Now that I've done a little bit of rambling, I can get into the products! I photographed all of these products at my new vanity in my new room which I LOVE!!! I included a link to my vanity as well as my mirror and other decor at the bottom of my post if you want to shop it :) Stay tuned for a full room tour coming sometime in the near future, or you know after I finally get my room together for good.


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - If you like a full, but not too full coverage this product is for you. I personally love a semi-full coverage because my skin can sometimes have a good amount of redness, but I despise the caked on look. I also have sensitive skin, so although this foundation is pricier, to avoid breakouts, blemishes, and blown up redness the money is worth it to me!

L'oreal True Match Concealer - I love this concealer because a little bit goes a long way. You can always find your shade because there are just so many color options. I use this under my eyes and to cover all blemishes.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlight - I'm definitely a girl who loves her a good highlight, but too much makes me look and feel greasy. Because this highlight isn't too dramatic, its a good option if you want to be able to give a little sparkle or glam it up.

Lorac Pro Contour Pallet - The easiest contour kit ever. It even comes with the perfect contour brush. You can pick a shade based on the look you're going for and it even comes with lighter shades to emphasize and a highlight. Perfect for beginners (and everyone else)!

Benefit Dandelion Blush - I had a lot of trouble finding a blush I liked. There are the cheap shades that don't do much, and there are the bright pinks that make you look like a clown. Finding an in between shade with a great light finish was tough - but I did it! I can't bring myself to buy another blush because I simply love this one so much.

Bare Minerals Powder - I used to use Two Faced powder, but my local Ulta stopped selling it so I decided to switch it up. I tried Bare minerals so that it would give me a nice natural finished look. I ended up liking it so much better than Two Faced and will be buying again for sure.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - I haven't used a different brand of mascara since I tried this. I got all of my friends addicted, and they all are obsessed! I notice such a difference with this mascara, in quality alone. My eyelashes never feel too full or clumpy, and it stays on for so long. If you had to ask me my very favorite product in this post, it would be this one!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Pallet - The only eyeshadow pallet I use for my eyeshadow look. It has all of the natural colors you need for a beautiful day to night eye look. I recommend this over the other Chocolate Bar Pallets.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer - This is liquid gold! If I don't wear this my eyeshadow rubs off in less than an hour (or with a few swipes of my hand). With this on its so stubborn that only a makeup wipe can take it off. Its great for long nights out or long days where pictures are involved.

Too Faced Perfect Black Eyeliner Pencil - This pencil is easy to use, and a good basic eyeshadow if you want to add so emphasis to your eyes. I just use this in the corner of my eyes, and add a fairly thin line. It lasts for so long and is worlds easier to apply than liquid liner.


Chanel Lipstick in the Shade 'Adrienne' -  Okay, this one may seem like a joke but hear me out! My favorite lipstick shade may in fact be my name but there's a story behind in. I saw on Kate of Lonestar Southern's Instagram, a snapshot of the lipstick. I freaked out because I have one of those names that doesn't even come in those miniature license plate key chains! I went to my nearest Nordstrom and tried on the shade and absolutely fell in love with it. It was the perfect mix of natural deep pink, and a hint of boldness. Just enough to tell that I was wearing something on my lips, but not enough to make it stand out in a bad way. Ever since then it has been my go to lip color! I don't love the way bold lip colors look on me so I like to play it safe, and this shade suited me perfectly!

Watch my everyday makeup look tutorial (coming soon!) here. 

In my everyday makeup look tutorial I use ALL of the products mentioned above and show you how I apply them. I do this makeup look every day and it is a no fail method for me! If you know nothing at all about makeup, or are looking for a routine thats easy to take down or amp up, this will prove so helpful. And last but not least, my vanity and makeup storage is linked below....

Makeup Storage + Vanity:

My Makeup Vanity from Ikea is linked here

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