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Hellllo friends!

This past weekend was the annual Columbus Arts Festival, AKA the place where my creative side flourishes (and I got tie-dye gelato so prepare yourself for some pictures of that).
There were 600 artists from all over the nation with booths set up along the bridges and streets of downtown Columbus. There was also music, dancers, lots of delicious food and beautiful scenery. I love to see my city come alive to celebrate my favorite thing in the whole world - the arts!
Since I'm on the topic, I might as well get a little personal. I started taking art classes at a local art studio in first grade. After a few (ha - a little more than a few) years I actually started teaching at that same studio. I always appreciated art, but I think that teaching it to little kids, adults, and everyone in between really made me fall in love with it. I really love the way that art can distract you from the real world, but also can bring you back down to reality. Honestly, I loved the way art can do anything you want it to do and more. 
This is also the reason that I switched my major (read more about that here) into something a little more creative. I mean c'mon, my hobbies are taking photos, styling outfits, and writing. If that doesn't scream creative type I don't know what does!

And now that you've listened to me ramble a little bit, I will talk about what I'm sure you all clicked on this post for...


I wore this shirt that I picked up from Forever 21 (praise that store right now, seriously) and some black shorts I got at Nordstrom Rack. If it hasn't been made obvious by now I'm absolutely obsessing over these shoes - I've been wearing them in almost all my recent posts! They are just so comfortable and so freaking cute. They're from Target, but the only similar pair I could find online are Steve Madden. Check your local Target store, I've seen some people be able to get them in store lately. My purse is old and from Shein.com! I linked a similar one for you guys below!

Okay I have to admit I ordered this gelato because it looked beautiful but GUYS it tasted SO good too! It's lemon, lime and blue raspberry all twirled together into aesthetically pleasing perfection - I'm in love!

Top || Shorts || Bag (similar) || Shoes (similar)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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