The Beauty of Breaking Your Schedule

Whether you're a fellow blogger, creative, type A, or busy minded person I'm sure you'll be able to relate to what I'm about to say. And by the title of this post I'm sure you have an inkling of what I'm going to talk about. A quick disclaimer before I begin - I don't want any of this to sound preachy. I am more than guilty of all of the things I am going to talk about and I want everyone who feels this same way to understand that they aren't alone. It's hard, life is hard, lets not do it by ourselves. 

Do you ever feel like you're doing so much that you're doing nothing at all? Have you ever ran around all day just to come home and lay your head on your pillow feeling unsatisfied and unaccomplished? Are there ever times when you feel alone because you're the only one not allowing yourself to take a break?

I sure have felt all of the above. Multiple times. But, what if that wasn't the 'cost of success' or the 'price of being a hard worker'? What if doing something amazing didn't cost us our peace? What if we were meant to live and breathe in every single moment - what if it was simply a marathon and we have been sprinting our whole lives?

And while you're pondering that I'll tell you all a story.

I have a very hard time having free time. Uhm, wait - did you read that right? Free time? Hard? Honestly, does that even make sense? I know it sounds crazy, but I love to be busy. Keeping myself busy eliminates any time that I could be realizing I have the option to stop. And if I stop - well there's always the question... Will I start again? By no means is that a question I want to find out the answer to. I'm a driven person. I find it very difficult to understand people who don't work as hard as they can for what they want. Or honestly, to understand people who don't have a passion or goal set that they are constantly working towards. Lately I've realized that maybe I can extract a lesson or two from those people. Maybe it's actually a better method than I thought. 

At the tail end of this past week I was SO burnt out. I seriously slipped into bed at 9 pm and couldn't even bother to get out my laptop and write... or edit... or even plan (you guys know I LOVE to plan). I had spent all week nannying during the day, taking classes at night, and blogging/doing photoshoots every single moment in between. Not to mention trying to fit in eating, sleeping, and working out. I hadn't taken a break in so long, and now - I had no choice. It occurred to me that maybe if I chose my breaks based on convenience, instead of literally forcing myself to work until I passed out, I could work more efficiently. So breaks aren't bad? Welp, that shook my world, give me a second to adjust to this new frame of thought. 

I'm writing this on my supposed to be"lazy" Saturday (lol because I got up at 6:30 am, walked in a 5K, took a quick nap and now am working on my blog - sooo lazy!) - and it was inspired entirely by a poem I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Which by the way, is literally the best way ever to find content inspiration for blogs, I just had to include that because I'm so grateful Pinterest exists. I had just gotten back from a Starbucks run turned hour long backroads drive with the windows down. I never do anything spontaneous like that, and it was oddly beautiful. It had my mind twisting and turning and conjuring up ideas for more random beauty - when I read the poem. It nearly brought tears to my eyes how perfectly it fit into the moment I was having. 

I had been needing someone or something to tell me:

 "It's all okay. Take a break. Slow down, this life is all you get."

This was that message. Here is the poem I read:


Not the best quality picture but I thought that the message made up for it. Working hard is so important. But so is simply living your life and enjoying the journey. I tend to think in black and white, when its vital for me to find the gray balanced area between hustling and binge watching Netflix.

I would love to know if there's anyone out there who can relate to the struggle of slowing down and realizing what is really important. And if you read this to the end, I appreciate you so much! <3

Thanks For Reading! 
xx, Adrienne


  1. Love this post, especially since I'm breaking my schedule daily!! Oops but it's great to break your schedule once in a while. Great post!! Keep them coming.

  2. Great post.I break my schedule from time to time. Your post encourage me that I'm right and that I have to slow down from time to time. Thanks a lot