Pink Tiered Perfection

I am 100% happiest when I am wearing an excess amount of pink. In this post alone I have pink tinted sunglasses, pink lipstick, layered pink tassel earrings (a must have by the way), and a pink dress with pink lace detailing. Totally not my favorite color guys I promise. But hey, I am a fashion blogger, so being a little girly is basically in the job description.
I couldn't resist picking up these lovely flowers from my local Kroger Marketplace because I thought they matched my earring/dress combo in a fun and quirky way. I also got to shoot at the cutest historical house literally ever - and its only a 10 minute drive from my house! No idea how it has taken me this long to discover it.

If you've seen other posts on A Dash of Class, you've probably seen me posting wearing clothes from Wallflower (this, this and this!). I love this site and their clothes, highly recommend purchasing something ASAP! Why not start with this dress? It's on sale for $17.99! Or honestly, a pair of their literally amazing jeans! If you subscribe to A Dash of Class you will be able to get emails whenever I post, and see how I style all of the future clothing I get from Wallflower as well :) 

Next I'm going to talk about these earrings. I like to think of these earrings (and everything from Shop Bauble) as my spirit animal - or accessory? Tassels, layers of bright colors, statement pieces... All of the above is everything A Dash of Class is! I knew when I saw these they would make for an extremely fun addition to my wardrobe. You can purchase these or anything else from Shop Bauble for 15% off with the code 'ADRIENNE' - so shop shop shop! PS these earrings are only $20!

Re-wearing my lovely platform espadrille shoes from Target that i talked about in my last post - you can read more about those here :)

Thanks for the read everyone! Stay tuned for more content next week, starting with Mondays trend boards and following with more outfit posts! 

Dress || Earrings || Sunnies (similar) || Shoes (similar)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. That dress is so beautiful and I love your earrings, how cute are they!!