Blues on The Beach

No surprise that I'm wearing yet another item from Goodnight Macaroon! I'm obsessed with this romper - I ordered it awhile back but saved it because I thought it would look so pretty on the beach. I absolutely love shooting on the beach because of the colors and the beautiful scenery, but the wind...
Oh the wind got me. My hair was everywhere and the loose legs of the romper were flapping all around! I ended up liking the pictures I took but there were definitely some laughable options. Another thing about shooting on the beach is shoes - do you wear them? Do you like - go barefoot? I decided I wanted my shoes in the shoot (love these Jacks!) so i just held them by my side! It ended up looking cute and I'll definitely do the same thing next time I shoot.

Definitely having post-beach blues from this post, but hang in there everyone its almost summer! 

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xx, Adrienne

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