July Favorites

A new thing I've decided to blog about (thanks to the consistency of some of my favorite you tubers with this subject - Sarahbelle and Meghan Rienks) is my monthly favorites! I divided it into a few categories and decided to pick one or two things for each one a month. I love reading or watching these types of posts for new ideas for products to try out, foods to eat, etc. Hope you enjoy!


Pink and Green Palm Leaf Romper

The picture above is a fun shot of me frolicking a pretty park in the heart of Berlin. This was the first day of a 12 day trip to four different cities in Eastern Europe. Travel Diaries for each city are coming soon!


My Agenda Picks For 2016 - 17

Agendas have become increasingly popular over the past few years, for more than just writing down your everyday activities. The "look" of your agenda becomes your school supply color scheme, and a common prop in your coffee shop study sesh pictures. So naturally, your agendas aesthetic is somewhat important. I've rounded up some of my favorite agenda's from various brands, different from the usual Lilly Pulitzer new releases. Don't get me wrong, the Lilly agendas are all fabulously designed, but sometimes switching it up here and there can do a little good. Have at it, happy shopping!