Denim for Autumn

 It's official, we've had the prettiest fall EVER up north! I couldn't resist a photo shoot in honor of the amazing colors, and my favorite seasonal transition of the year. Autumn colors are gone so fast, and often taken for granted. I'm so lucky to live in a state that has consistently gorgeous changing seasons, every year!
If you recognize this skirt, I wore it in my Week of Outfits post. I switched out my boots for a pair of flats, and threw on one of my favorite (and wallet-friendly!) blanket scarves. There are lots of different ways to tie a blanket scarf; I did the traditional scarf tie, but realistically with this outfit I could've used any strategy for displaying my scarf. One of my favorite bloggers has an awesome post on 10 different ways to tie a blanket scarf -- super helpful!

All clothing items linked below!

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xx, Adrienne

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