3 Enpowering Women & What We Can Learn From Them

Emma Watson//
Emma shows us how to be confident. She teaches us to believe in womanhood and all the potential we have. Emma made an amazing speech to the UN (and was appointed a UN Ambassador) about the launch of the HeForShe campaign in 2014. Buzzfeed also has an article all about her best quotes. It's a must read. On top of all this she is a college graduate, annnnnd starred in the Harry Potter movies. Definitely goals.

Marilyn Monroe//

From Marilyn, we learn a little bit about acceptance, especially of ourselves. Between all of the norms of society and the expectations from the media, we don't learn this lesson the way we should anymore. Marilyn wasn't afraid to make a statement, and because she was confident, she became a beauty icon for ages to come. Body confidence is not about being a size zero, or even not being a size zero. Body confidence is about acceptance of self, and the way we spread this acceptance to others.

Tory Burch//

Tory teaches us all about hard work and passion. We all know Tory Burch; we know the shoes, the clothes, the wonderful accessories all covered with her logo. What most people don't know is that the woman behind the company spent so many hours learning the trade, slaving over her work, and has built up her company from 20 employees working out of her kitchen, to the name she has now with over 3,000 employees. In this article, you can read a little bit more about what Tory has done to get to where she is, and why we should all follow her model for success.

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