How To Eat Healthy in College

Today I'm sharing ALL the tips on eating healthy in college! Freshman year can be tough based on the selection of foods in your dining hall, and the temptation to grab Chipotle because hey - it's in walking distance! I decided to experiment this year before I went back to school with easy meal prepping solutions you can easily make in your dorm, or the dorm kitchen. All of these recipes are the result of me spending hours on youtube looking up the perfect meals and snacks for my taste in food. If you're a picky eater, you'll especially love these recipes and tricks!

The first meal of the day is obviously the most important! I never skip breakfast 1) because I'm always hungry in the morning (lol) and 2) because I've heard and read so much about how bad skipping breakfast is for you. I'm a huge fan of granola, which I sometimes have with yogurt or milk. I decided to add a little something to my everyday granola and meal prep a parfait! You can make this the night before and leave it in the fridge, or make it in the morning and eat it right away if you have time! Either option is delicious, and it looks so cute too! 

Bonus: sprinkling chia seeds on top is SO good for you and doesn't change the taste at all!

Another breakfast I LOVE is a smoothie bowl. I am certifiably obsessed with fruit, and this bowl always fills me up. You just start by making a thick base smoothie, pour it in a bowl, and add fruit on top! I made a whole post about the prep and creation here, but you can make it quicker and smaller if you don't have a ton of time. I like to add granola, strawberries, bananas, honey, chia seeds, and sometimes a yogurt drizzle to my bowls.

And now its lunch time! I like easy quick lunches during school, because I'm so so busy during the school day, usually running from class to class. Salads are super easy to meal prep, and quick and healthy to eat. My go to salad is whatever greens I'm in the mood for - in this picture it is the Super Greens from Kroger (spinach, kale, etc), sunflower seeds/walnuts, shredded carrots, a sprinkle of cheese, some chicken for protein and balsamic dressing. You can obviously add to this or mix it up, but this is usually what I have!

Another lunch that is quick and easy is my go to turkey wrap. I use whole wheat wraps and Boars Head turkey (my favorite brand of any kind of deli meat) and whatever else I'm in the mood for, whether it be hummus, almond butter, cheese, lettuce, or a combination of them. I'll usually have some sort of snack like berries and mixed nuts with this, or maybe have two wraps (I get the small size wraps!) if I'm a little hungrier. What I have pictured are turkey and almond butter pinwheels, on a whole wheat wrap. I just spread almond butter over the whole wrap, and put turkey on one half. I start rolling up the wrap tightly from that end and then cut them up! 

A mid afternoon snack is all too important. You should definitely get some energy in between classes, but snacking can get dangerous if you a) eat the wrong things b) eat too much or c) eat at the wrong times. For snacking I like to have small healthy things like fruits, veggies or nuts. I also love Skinny Pop, cheese sticks, and watermelon. I usually eat a snack between lunch and dinner - maybe even between breakfast and lunch if I'm up early! 

Dinner dinner! The key is to not go out for dinner past 8 pm, and to not snack at midnight in your dorm because you forgot to eat (guilty of both - gotta keep life balanced). I can have any of my lunch meals above as a dinner meal, or make a bigger meal if I'm in the mood. I tried this pita bread pizza, which is essentially a healthier version of everyones favorite food!

If you have any favorite back to school/dorm recipes leave them below! 

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. I love these tips! I'm also obsessed with smoothie bowls! I once made one and poured it into a hollowed out pineapple so I could feel extra fancy lol. I will be keeping these tips in mind as the fall semester starts! http://carleehebert.com/

  2. I love the meals you prepped. Especially the breakfast bowls and the pitta bread pizza. It really is important what you eat and to understand that you really are what you eat. nice read with great tips.