Gingham Set + Pretending to Be in The Notebook!!!

I'm not sure if any of you guys know this but The Notebook is one of my favorite movies EVER MADE!! So of course when I realized that some of the scenes from The Notebook were filmed in and around Charleston, South Carolina (also, my all time favorite city) I was practically swooning. Over the past few years of vacationing around Charleston I've had a chance to visit many places from different scenes in The Notebook. But my personal favorite scene, I had never visited! So I put on my gingham, channeled my inner Allie, gathered money for an ice cream cone and set off to see the place where THIS scene was filmed!

Okay, so I would be lying if I said it happened like that. It actually happened like this - my mom and I were visiting this cute coffee shop in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina while on vacation. For some miraculous reason my mom remembered that this scene was filmed here, and when we finally found the address - it was only four minutes away!! We parked, took pictures, ate ice cream, and oohed and ahhed at all the old-timey beautiful scenery.

The way I found this are was by searching "Post House Inn" in my Iphones map app! Or, of course you can look up the address for the Post House Inn too, either way works. I promise it is so worth it! If you all want to see any more locations of scenes from The Notebook/my visits to them let me know in the comments and I can put together a post full of pictures and information about The Notebook guide to CHS!

Along with my fun expedition involving The Notebook and the iconic ice cream scene, I had intended to take some outfit pictures because I just love two piece sets and I just love gingham! This set is only $17 - which c'mon guys you can't find that price anywhere else. I also linked quite a few gingham sets below, some similar purses, shoes, and earrings, as well as my Kendra Scott cuff (wow, I've worn that quite few times now *cough* every post *cough*)!

If you're looking for my exact tassel earrings at a discount, head to the link immediately below my last picture, and use my code 'ADRIENNE' for 15% off at Shop Bauble! These earrings are so stylish right now, and tassels always add a fun flare to any outfit. And so does saving money! Yay discount codes! Yay tassels! Lol, yay!

Spamming you with a few more photos - and then some links to shop! :)

Gingham Set || Tassel Earrings (n/a in pink, I linked blue)

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