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The adorable little plants you're seeing everywhere nowadays? Those are succulents, and besides their many health benefits, they are absolutely adorable on clothing, decorative wall prints, mugs and more. I rounded up the most fun wearable options I could find, some from Etsy, some from well known places like SHEIN or ASOS! You can honestly find these prints everywhere and I'm predicting that you will just start to see even more as the fad continues. It reminds me a little of the palm leaf trend, which we all know and love!

You may have noticed that I did a similar trend post on gingham last Monday. That post did pretty well, so I've decided to continue these trend picks and round up my faves. If there any trends you guys want to see me round up please let me know! Even if it is just a single color trend (forget me not blue, blush, olive, etc.) I would love to scavenge for the best pieces. The best way to reach me is in the comments below or an Instagram DM (adash_ofclass). Be on the lookout for a few new posts like this coming Mondays from now on! Until then shop this post below:

| This Adorable and Fun PJ Set |

| A Plant-astic Watch |

| Cold Shoulder Cactus Look |

| Cactus Sneakers |

| Embroidered Baseball Cap |

| Clay Succulent Earrings |

and a few things I found that aren't pictured...

This target bikini and some fun succulent shorts (this print also comes in pants!)

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xx, Adrienne


  1. I'm loving these prints! Such a great post!

    1. Thank you so much! It was so fun to put together :)

  2. The watch and shoes are calling my name!