A Pop of Red + JORD Watches

Are you guys as obsessed as me with neck ties?! In my opinion it adds so much class and fun to any outfit! I especially love the ability to add a pop of color to outfits that veer towards the neutral side. I got this neck tie for pretty cheap at Old Navy, and I've been attempting to scout out the most affordable/fashionable neck ties around - let me know if you would enjoy a post on that!
This outfit has to be one of the most fun outfit posts I've had on my blog yet. Patchwork denim is one of my new favorite things and you all already know how much I dig jean skirts. You could say this was a major score for me. I'm into white on denim, and details of this off the shoulder top have me jumping for joy - everything came together just like I imagined it! 

I've recently been working with JORD watches to put on an awesome giveaway for you all! They sent me this gorgeous wooden watch with a navy face and I can't stop wearing it. It looks great with every outfit (the neutrality is on point) and if you're following my Instagram (@adash_ofclass) you've been seeing that I've been posting quite a few pictures of it. To finish off my short brag on JORD I'm going to emphasize how awesome the quality as well as the style of these watches are - seriously you can't get that just anywhere! So if you want to save some money on the watch that I'm sure you were already going to purchase - enter my giveaway!

Everyone who enters my giveaway will receive $25 towards a JORD watch no matter WHAT! And the winner receives $100 - you really can't lose by entering. So here you go:

And if you want to shop more from JORD:

I linked the watch I'm wearing below along with the rest of my outfit, P.S. My neck tie is on sale online for $5! It's a must!

Top (in blue here) || Neck Tie || Jean Skirt || Sunnies || Watch

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


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