24 Hours in CHARLESTON!

Welcome to my all time favorite post. I am beyond excited to share with you all just a little bit about my all time favorite city. If you follow me on Instagram (@adash_ofclass - or linked in the sidebar) you know that Charleston has always been my obsession. I usually get down there twice a year or more if I'm lucky. I took a recent weekend trip and stayed on Kiawah Island with my roommate at school! We got to go into the city on a beautiful Saturday and let me tell ya - we got the most out of it. Okay, so maybe we just ate a lot of good food... But it was totally worth it!
A lot of the places we went were my prior discoveries, but we did try a few new places that I had seen bloggers post about on travel guides, or I've seen on social media. So without further ado, dive into my 24 hour experience in Charleston South Carolina!

Enjoy :)

We started our day at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. I'm not gonna lie, if I had to do it all over again, I would undoubtedly choose to start my day in a 30 minute line for the best biscuits in Charleston. And look how cute it is inside! I'm obsessed. PS the cheese and chive biscuit is my fave!

And of course, I had to pick up my morning iced coffee! So we took our biscuits to Kudu, a coffee shop off of King Street with the most adorable outdoor patio. We sat outside for a little while and of course - took some pictures!

It would be wrong not to at least see the theater where the iconic dancing in the street scene from The Notebook took place. This gem is on King Street - you're destined to stumble upon it at some point or another while you're shopping or exploring. This guide has all the different filming locations from The Notebook that are in and around the city of Charleston!

Aaand, we're shopping. King Street is said to be the southern Rodeo Drive - and for good reason. The shopping is outstanding. Moon & Lola is my favorite store on King - it's always decorated so cute! The picture above is their latest decor and I have to say I genuinely want to move in. 

And just a short drive away was our lunch stop. We felt like mixing it up and trying something healthy (wow - right?) and opted for the most insta-worthy choice! Acai bowls are super yummy and honestly I didn't even know Charleston had a place that sold them. The place we went to is called Huriyali, and it had the cutest back area with picnic tables and a turquoise aesthetic. Highly recommend - our food was so delicious!

You can find my full outfit post here! :)

Next we decided that we absolutely had to see the iconic Charleston locations - Rainbow Row and the pineapple fountain! Literally the cutest places to take pictures if you're in Charleston for the first time. 

Next stop - Sugar! This bakeshop has the cutest and yummiest cupcakes ever! I got mine to take home and eat and it was still just as good the next day. 

We stopped for dinner (after cupcakes of course...) at Leon's Oyster Shop. Our dinner experience was definitely outstanding - cute atmosphere, killer food, and great service. I found this little gem on the guide by my favorite blogger Julia, over at Gal Meets Glam, and I'm so glad we stopped to try it! Highly recommend as a dinner (or even lunch) place, and its not too pricey either!

We finished up our dinner just in time to catch a gorgeous Charleston sunset! I'm absolutely obsessed with these southern sunsets, especially over the water. We watched at battery park, which is definitely the absolute perfect spot!

Our last stop may have been the second time we had Jeni's during our weekend trip... Oops! We have a few Jeni's locations where I'm from, so naturally I'm a huge fan - and the King Street location is so adorable. They're known for having very unique flavors, so being a pretty plain girl when it comes to food you'd think I wouldn't love it as much as I do! I usually opt for the darker chocolate flavor, but this picture is my new favorite - lemon sorbet! Definitely a perfect last stop and a delicious end to a very foodie friendly day.

If you're headed to Charleston anytime soon and need further recommendations (its such a big city so I definitely didn't have time to discuss all my favorites in this post) shoot me an email at adrienne.adashofclass@gmail.com - or follow the email link in the sidebar. And if you have any recommendations for me, comment them below - I would love to hear from you guys! I attached a few guides that I thought would also be helpful below. 

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Thank For Reading!
xx, Adrienne