The In's & Out's of Staying Motivated

Motivation has always been something I've felt I was good at. My motivation was internal at times, and external at others, but it was always there. I was always striving for something. Lately, I've been a lot less motivated than usual, with school, relationships, & just living my life. I could take an easy route and blame it all on senior-itis, which, to be fair, is a lot of it. But I decided to look deeper into what was making me lack my usual "shoot for the stars" mantra; and to fix it.


Blue Pattern Romper for Spring

Hi all!
I was recently college visiting, and I stopped in a quaint little boutique with cheap adorable clothes! Of course I had to stock up for grad party season, so I bought a few dresses, and a few rompers. Off the shoulder anything is so trendy for this summer, and I definitely fell in love with this romper for that reason, The cinched waist is super flattering, as well as the adorable pattern that will look even better with a tan! Unfortunately when I did this shoot, it wasn't even really that warm outside so I'll definitely be outfit repeating this little romper when the temperature peaks this summer.