A Week of Outfits

Hi everyone! This past week was especially fun for me, since I was able to dress myself for school. Since that sounds pretty strange, I'll explain myself. I go to a high school that requires the students attending to wear a uniform. *Ahhhhhhh* Very understandable now.
Anyways, as I was getting dressed this week I thought to myself, I really should blog about these outfits... Knowing that getting up an hour early for blog pictures would not look good on camera (puffy, tired eyes and a half asleep smile are not flattering), and that my hair and makeup weren't resistant enough to last the stress of a school day, I decided to take just one simple mirror picture every morning (after coffee, of course).
You will definitely see these outfits in the future as full posts, but for now, here is a little snippet of my week -- style wise!
Day One:
Favorite piece: I LOVE this dress. It is so comfortable and the color gives me fall vibes, explaining why I broke out the riding boots a little early -- I couldn't resist!

Day Two:
 Favorite piece: These sweats are legendary. Joggers are so in style right now, and you can get them anywhere for a decent price. Trendy & comfy win the race!
Day Three:
Favorite Piece: Casual dresses are such an awesome wardrobe staple. This T-shirt dress is a light sweater material, and therefore is perfect for that awkward phase between summer/fall weather. Definitely a favorite -- I got lots of 'Where did you get that?' s when I wore this piece!
Day Four: 
 Favorite Piece: This TopShop Jean skirt is a must have. I love how flattering it is, and how well it works with basically any top you could imagine. Side Note: Honorable Mention goes to this precious striped headband with little pineapples on it. The.Cutest.Ever.
Day Five:

Dress//Necklace (via Rocksbox)//Shoes(similar)
Favorite Piece: SHOES! I've been in love with flats that have ankle straps since the beginning of summer, and haven't purchased a pair until just recently. I think that the bows really called out to me when I glanced their way while scavenging Nordstrom Rack.
Thanks for Reading!
xx, Adrienne


Sundresses and Ice Cream Cones

 Hi everyone! Today's post has my two very favorite things -- ice cream and dresses! I recently got to explore The Velvet Ice Cream Factory, and took some pictures along the way. If you're ever roaming through Ithaca, Ohio (very random, I know) then stop by to explore and have some ice cream. I would definitely recommend.
My dress is from a boutique in one of my all time favorite place, Charleston, SC. I got it (along with lots of other things... oops) at Willy Jay's on King St. during my last trip down south. My (homemade) navy and pink tassel bracelets fit perfectly with my dress, and so did my trusty target shoes that I wear religiously! I paired this dress with my bralette from Free People, which I have also been wearing on repeat lately. Bralette's are totally in style right now, and if you want to read a little more about them, you can check out my post on The Undeniable Report. I was recently asked to write for them, and although this is only my first post I am already loving it! Definitely a must read website, stay tuned for new posts every day! 


Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne