What You Didn't Think You Needed to Bring to College

Hi everybody! I decided to cover a topic I wish I had read before I went to college in todays post. I'll be talking all about the essential items that you probably didn't think you needed to bring. I'm hoping this unique approach to a packing list will help you all to better pack for college life, whether you're a freshman or not!

I started racking my brain for items that I had remembered to bring (gotta give myself some credit right?) and other people wished they had brought! And I also switched the roles and thought about all the things I was jealous of my college companions for having remembered. With that information and reading a few articles, Pinterest packing lists, etc. I devised this list of must haves! Of course, they may differ depending on where you go to school, but for the most part I think they're pretty main stream.

1. Rain gear!
Seriously guys, I thought college was sunshine and rainbows until I walked out the door for my 8 am without an umbrella, rain jacket, or boots. It was a shocking revelation but it does rain in college and you still have to walk outside to get to class. Be prepared!
2. A Fan

I brought a clip on fan and put it next to my bed. I love to be cold when I sleep, plus it gets seriously SO hot where I go to school. And what if the A/C breaks?! Being prepared can't hurt, and neither can ensuring a great nights sleep!

3. Slippers/Indoor Shoes
I got some slippers from Target after my first semester because they were just SO necessary. I'm not a huge fan of wearing shoes (especially when I'm relaxing in my dorm and just want to go to the bathroom or get a snack from the vending machine or... anything really!) and only socks feels off. Slippers or moccasins are awesome when you're having a stay in the dorm all morning kind of day. Trust me! You may even wear them to class on accident - I did a few times, woops!
4. A Brita Filter & Ice Tray
You can either get the big Brita filter, or a Brita water bottle! Either way its so helpful when you're thirsty and all you have is sink water. Plus, it saves a ton of money because you don't have to buy bottled water. An ice tray is awesome if you like to keep your water cold, I used mine all the time.
5. Command Strips/Hooks
You're going to want to have a place to hang towels, belts, jewelry, wall art... You name it! And since you're probably living in a space that isn't your own, you can't really name anything into the wall. These are awesome and so necessary for everyday functions and decorating your dorm space!

6. Lots of Extra Hangers
Okay maybe this is just a me problem? But seriously, you will end up shopping or ordering online while you are there. You don't want to run out of room and have to start doubling up on hangars like I did, so just bring some extras and you should be fine!

7. A Membership to Amazon Prime
Seriously guys, I know you're going to forget to order your books until the last minute... And students get a discount!

8. A Speaker
Seriously, I have wanted to listen to music so many times where doing it from my phone just wasn't loud enough! I highly recommend bringing a speaker to school with you, especially if you're a huge music person.
9. Meds!
Emergen-C, Nyquil, Advil, Tylenol... You may have remembered a few of these but I wanted to stress how important it is to have on hand. You will most likely get sick in college (trust me on this one) and once you're sick you definitely will not want to run around campus searching for medicine. 

Hope this post was helpful!

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. I go to college in 2 days and totally forgot about my rain gear!! Thank you so much! This list is super helpful. Good luck at school :)


    1. Ah so glad I helped you remember! Love the feedback - good luck to you too! :)