The BEST Dorm Room Finds!!

Since I leave for move in next week at this time (where has the summer gone - honestly?) I thought I would round up all of my favorite dorm finds from this year and last year. The reason I'm including some of the things from last year is because I'm living in a similar dorm again this year and decided to keep the same color scheme/reuse a lot of the same stuff. I love a lot of white, so I would say almost everything is white based, with occasional pieces of gold and pink! I also included a few fun things I found online just for kicks.

I hope this post is helpful in designing and decorating a dorm space that is inspiring and fun to live in! Although these items are a little more on the decor side and not as much on the practical side, I do have a post going up Friday covering all the things you didn't think you needed to bring to college. Stay tuned!

Impressions Makeup Mirror
I got this makeup mirror for only $20 at Homegoods - it's normally $90!! Probably my #1 tip for back to school shopping is check out Homegoods FIRST. They give you the best products for the best deals, and each store is a little bit different so you could check out multiple stores to score everything you need. They have everything from pillows to notebooks to storage. 

Since makeup mirrors are essential to the #dormlife here are a few more:

Nameplate Style Desk Sign
I saw a desk sign at Homegoods that said 'Don't come any closer unless you have coffee' and it was literally so funny! So I started looking up some more of these nameplate desk signs and I literally want them all!

I linked some funny ones below - my favorite is the 'Girl Boss' one!

Papasan Chair
I have been using this chair (1 | 2 | 3 - it comes in three separate pieces) for probably three or four years now. I brought it to college with me and at first didn't think I would ever use it. Turns out it was one of my favorite things in my dorm and I'm using it AGAIN this year (and inspire my roomie to get a matching one so we can have a fun seating area... But thats for another blog post).
Throw Pillows
I'm 99% sure I'm addicted to pillows. Especially fuzzy pillows and pillows with cute words on them. What can I say, I love how cuteness and comfort come together! My favorite pillow I have is this one and this one.

I also linked some adorable pillows down below!
Wall Calendar
I love this especially if you have a roommate! You can put both your schedules on it and plan accordingly, plus you will know when the other has a late night or early morning, which is important when you're sharing a space.

This is the wall calendar I bought - and I linked some more fun ideas below!
Mini Plants
These are so fun in your window sill or on a desk! I also am planning on putting some next to my tv on our tv stand! I think they make the space seem homey and chic. You can buy these plants live or you can buy fake plants if you have a history of forgetting to water them (me - woops).
String Lights
I love attaching photos to my string lights, or putting them around a mirror or desk. When lit up they look so adorable and add some fun to a room! Last year my roommate and I put them around our bed rails because our bed was lifted. I also hung pictures on mine and put them under my bed behind my chair.

Here are some fun options for string lights!

Fuzzy Rug
No matter the color, I love fuzzy rugs because they are SO cozy and perfect for dorm life. You can sit on them, or cover your floors if they aren't carpeted. I got the cream rug, but I love the blush pink, grey, and even black!

I linked a few different kinds of fuzzy rugs below.

Cinema Lightbox
I got one of these (a mini version) at Home goods as well! I think its so fun how you can write your own message on the front. For big football games I can write 'Beat ____' or something like that!

Here are a few options I found:
Stay tuned to see how I put everything together in my dorm tour post coming soon!

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. Funny how little changes from year to year! I was in college in 1993 and had many of the same items-papasan chair, string lights, mini plants, fuzzy rug! Enjoy your year!

    1. Thank you so much! That is funny how little really changes! Or maybe we just have good taste :)