Rush Week Outfit Recap!

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've probably seen quite a few of my stories and posts about the fact that I have been working on the recruitment process for my sorority! Last year I went through rush as a PNM, so this year I get to be on the other side and it has been interesting to see how it all works. I have had to pick out fun outfits for each round, and since everything just wrapped up, I wanted to share with you all of the things I wore! These outfits, while being great for recruitment, are awesome for lots of other festivities. So shop away!

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Round One: Dark Denim + A Phi Shirt

This round we all got matching shirts and we all wore dark denim with it. We had the option to wear any type of jeans or a jean skirt. I love my TopShop jean skirt and pulled it out of my closet for this occasion, it worked perfectly and I tied my shirt up which is really cute and trendy right now. We all also wore neutral sandals so I wore my Tory Burch Miller sandals which I linked below.

My skirt || My shoes

Some similar outfits/pieces:
Round Two - Philanthropy Round: Red Jumpsuit

This round was all about our philanthropy - heart health! So naturally, we all wore red! Some of us wore red tops with white jeans, others wore solid or patterned red dresses/rompers/in my case jumpsuits! I love wearing jumpsuits because I'm tall and feel like they're perfect for my long legs. I got this jumpsuit from SheIn for less than $30, and linked that below as well as tons of similar red jumpsuits.

My Jumpsuit

Some similar outfits/pieces:
Round Three - Sisterhood Round: Olive Floral Romper 

This round was all about the clothing/decor in olive and blush tones. This was probably my favorite round color wise because everyone did so well with their outfits and the colors looked amazing! I wore this green romper that I wore in a previous blog post (read it here) because it fit so perfectly with the color scheme we were shooting for!

Some similar outfits/pieces:Round Four - Preference Round: Blue Romper

During the last round craziness I happened to not take a single picture in rounds! Luckily I have a mirror picture in the romper I wore, and I linked some similar styles below. Our theme was shades of forget-me-not blue, which looked so so pretty! I found almost my exact romper in pink and linked it in the similar section below.

My Romper (use code 'dashofclass' for $$ off!)

Some similar outfits/pieces:

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xx, Adrienne


  1. Loved seeing all the outfits you put together for recruitment. I think my favorite was round 2 or 3! I love that you got that jumpsuit for under $30 because I know how expensive shopping for recruitment can be. Panhellenic love to you by the way, I am a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma!

    1. Panhel love right back atcha! I'm so glad you liked the post!

  2. Great post :)

  3. Super cute! I like that you all got an option to choose your clothes based on a theme for each day. We had themed days similar to you - casual, philanthropy day, something dressier, and then a cocktail-style dress for pref - but we didn't get a choice in the outfits. On the one hand it was nice to not have to think about what to wear, but it did take out some of the fun with shopping. It was pretty common for the houses at my college to be perfectly matched though.

    1. It was pretty fun to shop for! Thats interesting that you all have to match! Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you liked the post :)

  4. Super cute outfits! I LOVE your red playsuit! That is absolutely stunning. We don't have sororities in New Zealand, so it is so interesting to read about!