My Top Tips For College Freshmen

WELCOME to my Back to College (back to high school... get your life together for the new school year... I guess it could go by a few names) month long series!! I'm SO excited to do these posts for you all - I love organizing and planning, which is a huge part of back to school. Getting started, i would like to introduce you to my first post in the series, dedicated to all the college freshmen out there! These are all the (somewhat random) things that I wish someone would've told me before I went to college. Or maybe, someone did tell me and I just didn't listen... Either way, I promise you will find these tips useful at any stage of college!

And without further ado...

Stop caring about what people think and do what you like. 
Chances are - nobody even really notices it anyways. College is so different from high school. The vast majority of people don't judge or critique like high school taught us to do. We are all so busy living our own lives and planning our own futures that other peoples business becomes our very last priority. And honestly, people really do commend those who think and act for themselves. Be commendable!

The library is a great place to study - but not the only place.
Do your research and find student unions, local coffee shops (personal fave, you know if we were taking a vote), or even lounges in your dorm to switch up your study habits. You may even find your new favorite study zone!

Networking is SO important.
PLEASE. Learn this ASAP. People can really help you when you need it, and you can help other people too! Professors and other students are your greatest resource. A huge part of college is study groups as well as office hours. If you work the collaboration angle from day one you will be so happy with the results.

The key to avoiding the 'freshman 15' is portion control.
This literally applies to everything. A cookie every once in awhile in the dining hall? Harmless. A cookie or ice cream every day for dessert - well that could add up. The same goes for late night snacking, greasy meals, and drinking. As long as you make your life healthy most of the time, you will ultimately be fine.

Don't try to squeeze your whole life into your dorm. 
Seriously, you don't need a million coffee table books and 20 pairs of shoes (warning: I am the biggest hypocrite because I clinically overpack). Odds are you won't have as much free time as you did in the past and you will probably want to wear your go to comfy shoes over and over again. I'm doing a post about what to bring/what to leave at home when packing for college next week - stay tuned!

If you don't get even a little homesick you're lying!
Everyone misses home cooked meals. Everyone misses family, friends, pets, their hometown! You had a life there - and even if you go to school in the same exact city, everything as changed. It's normal to not only be homesick for people, or places, but for an old way of life that maybe you didn't even know you were going to miss.

Schoolwork requires effort for EVERYONE.
Yes, even if you got straight A's without studying in high school. And ESPECIALLY if you have a tricky major with a heavy course load. Say goodbye to the busy work and pointless assignments. There won't be many more opportunities for easy points, because now you are working towards a future career. Organizing and balancing time will be your best friend. Also, coffee. Coffee helps everything.

Making friends is easy - but its up to you!
Freshman year, almost everyone wants to make new friends JUST as much as you do! The thing is, no one will know that you want to make friends if you don't put yourself out there. I joined Greek Life, which I know isn't for everyone, but I 10/10 recommend it in some form or another. Service fraternities or business fraternities are awesome if you're looking to be a part of something that isn't the traditional "sorority" experience. Or do both! Because you can never meet too many new people!

Social workouts are the best workouts. 
Find someone who loves the same workout style with you and go on a jog, try a new class, or just lift weights. You kill two birds with one stone by getting in a sweat and probably getting in some laughs and memories shared with your new college friends.

Seriously, you only get four years. Live it up!
I can't emphasize this enough. Stress when its life or death (or maybe when you haven't studied for that exam thats in an hour), and just have fun with your college experience. Whatever your definition of fun is, make sure it's fulfilled by what you're doing and especially who you are surrounding yourself with. College friends are awesome, and so are the opportunities you have while in college. Take ahold of all these memories and experiences and live everyday to the best of your ability. Soon you'll be #adulting and who wants to face that reality! College forever am I right?! :)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. Girl these tips are literally spot on. Like, why couldn't I have read this post before going to college?! Because I was definitely guilty of gaining the freshmen 15 and caring what other people think too much! This is going to help out some soon-to-be college students for sure!

    1. Haha same here! Letting everyone learn from my mistakes I guess! :) I appreciate the love!

  2. Great post! This is going to be sooooo helpful for tons of college goers

  3. Know so many about to be freshman at the moment...passing this on for sure! Great tips.

  4. Great advice! We will definitely share with our students this semester. :-)