What I Pack For a Beach Vacation

So some of you may know that soon I will be headed off to the beach for my usual summer vacation! I decided to do a how I pack/my organizational tips on packing post, tailored specially to beach vacations. I have a few go to options that make my life easier when I travel and I wanted to share them with you all! I categorized them not by individual piece of clothing, but more by general outfits and circumstances in which you could wear them.

Casual Outfits 

More than likely you are going to run into the dilemma where you want to spend all day at the beach/pool but you also want to eat and explore! I like to bring cheap beachy shorts from places like H&M, Forever 21, or Aerie (they have a great sale selection!) along with plain v-neck t shirts that I can tie up! This is a never fail comfy outfit that you won't mind getting a little bit sandy at the beach! I also love beach pants over a one piece or a fun and flowy dress. Both of these options don't even require changing out of your suit! I would recommend 2-3 of these outfits depending on how long your trip is. You can even bring one shirt and two pairs of bottoms to mix and match + save room in your suitcase. Not only can you use these as a cover up for the beach, but they are also perfect for simply wearing out and about if an excessive outfit just sin't necessary. 

Beach Wear!

This time around I am bringing 2-3 one pieces and a few bikinis (mix and match-able!). I literally have not bought swim wear in probably two years, so I looked through the sale section at Aerie and got a few of their high waisted bikinis (post coming soon!) - they are SO flattering and comfortable! I also love their one pieces! Probably my favorite place for swimwear. Every year I get one cover up that I wear to the beach and pool, usually white, and usually a dress. I know what you're thinking - you just said you cover up with shorts and a v neck! Well usually I actually wear my cover up if its chilly or windy on the beach, or if I'm walking there and back - no going out in public involved! It is just easier to throw on! I also restrict myself to 2 pairs of sunglasses and bring some sort of sun hat just in case. 

Stay tuned for all my beach wear on the blog soon!

A Few Nice Looks

I will usually bring a dress, a nice romper, a pair of white jeans and a nice top - also all relative to how long your trip will be. Going out to dinner is a vacation staple, and oftentimes you'll need a nice outfit. Also, if you're exploring an island, city, or anywhere nearby you may want to dress up for pictures or just for pleasure. I know that we all know I like to dress up for the pictures - whoops. I like to plan my full outfit beforehand so I don't overdo it on the shoes and accessories. My favorite places for cheap accessories right now are Shop Bauble, which are the earrings pictures above! They have trendy cute jewelry for SO cheap, and you can use my code 'ADRIENNE' for 15% more off of your order! Also Bauble Bar has a new line out at Target called Sugarfix, with all pieces under $30. So basically RIP to your bank account, sorry about that. 

I will be exploring not one but TWO cities on this upcoming vacation, so stay tuned for travel diaries and Instagram posts (follow along @adash_ofclass), as well as my outfit posts in each city! :)

My Beach Bag Must Haves

I love my Lilly Pulitzer towel for the beach, as well as a straw bag to throw it in. I usually bring Trader Joes sunscreen + tanning oil, and my headphones in case I want to really zone out. A water bottle (I have this one), a good book, and a few snacks are also necessary. If I know I'm going out to lunch I will pack up some jean shorts and a top to throw on just in case the restaurant shames my see through cover up and bikini look (c'mon - its the beach!) 

Workout Gear/Activewear

While on vacation I am constantly indulging in delicious treats and excessive meals. Okay not constantly but a lot more than usual! It makes me feel a lot better to get a beach run, a bike ride, or some quick abs in at some time during the day. By no means do I workout hard every day, but the days when I want to sprint it out in the sand I definitely want to have a loose tank and some running shorts, as well as a sports bra. I will usually pack a few workout pieces that I can easily mix and match, and usually pick shorts that can double as comfy pants if I want to wear them for an activity/outing prior to my workout. I also obviously bring my workout shoes because they are comfortable and for well, working out, I guess...

A few other things I love to have while traveling are a cross body bag and a tote (usually my carry on if I am flying or my necessities if I'm driving), my essential beauty products, some comfy clothes for sleeping and relaxing, and some things like lotion, Advil, chapstick, etc. I also love to bring my polaroid camera (as well as my regular camera obviously) to capture some fun memories! Make sure while you are packing to consider your personal needs! Everyones essentials are different, if I missed anything share it with me below! I'm not leaving until Friday so maybe I will add it in :)

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


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