Gingham For Every Occasion

Hi guys! I've been really into this crazy amount of gingham clothing being plastered all over my favorite stores and online boutiques lately. The gingham look adds everything I love to an outfit - all the girly, preppy, and classy vibes tied together in one while still being trendy and young. I've been eyeing a lot of pieces lately, especially a few that I've seen some bloggers wearing. But I wanted to do some digging and scout out some potentially never before seen pieces that you can wear for ALL different occasion! I don't know about you guys but I have a tendency to buy an excess of dresses and rompers without realizing that maybe, one day, I'll have to wear a different type of clothing. Harmless mistake, honestly.

So I linked all of the pieces above, but I wanted to share a little bit about the different circumstances you could wear the pieces in - you know, justify my choices a little bit!

Two Piece Set || I've been eyeing this forever - you all know how obsessed I am with Goodnight Macaroon! I'm envisioning this set for a fun summer look - a picnic, a day out in the city, graduation parties etc. Honestly this is a more versatile piece - you can do what you want with it!

Neck Tie || I love neck ties right now - and a gingham neck tie?! Come on its a no-brainer! Wear this around your neck to dress up a casual top and jeans, or wear it in your hair to hide your pony tail holder (thats how the model is wearing it on Nordstrom!) or as an adorable headband. Endless possibilities, really, get creative!

Wedges || I just bought a pair of platform wedges from target and I'm so excited to wear them. This pair is equally as adorable and would look fabulous with a white dress for a fun summer outing or a beach vacation!

Cami Dress || So. Freaking. Adorable. This dress is perfect for a date night, a girls night out, or with a floppy sun hat while exploring a fun new city!

Cropped Jacket || I was hesitant to put this jacket on my picks, because its a little hard to style when you initially think about it. Once I gave it a little bit more thought (because I mean, those sleeves) I realized it was the perfect jacket for a job or internship, an interview, or something that requires a little bit more of a business casual vibe. This kind of a jacket will help you stand out and express your style in situations where it may be harder to do so.

OTS Tunic || This top is a classic top that I would style on A Dash of Class. It's very me, aka girly, fun, and bright. I can picture myself wearing this with white jeans and neutral sandals sipping a latte in my favorite coffee shop.

Annnnd that is the end! I hope you've enjoyed leafing through my gingham picks and my various scenarios in which I could wear each piece. Happy Monday ya'll!

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


  1. I love gingham, that 2 piece set is my favourite.

  2. I love that gingham jacket because it is unique way to wear this print!

    1. I feel the same! Love unique pieces!

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  3. These are all such adorable gingham pieces – I love the cami dress!