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     If you saw my Instagram post today (@adash_ofclass) you know that I talked a little bit about the quote "Live Colorfully". Its an adorable Kate Spade slogan that us pink loving girly girls seem to see plastered everywhere - and we definitely don't complain. But until I stumbled upon it on Pinterest the other night I had never really thought about what it meant. About what 'living colorfully' actually entailed.
So how did I answer this? I sat down and thought about it - and then I started writing. I started realizing that living colorfully was not only relative to the individual, but also heavily referenced creativity and expression.

How do we express ourselves?

      I broke this question down just like the last - by thinking and writing. We do express ourselves through color, but there is so much more than that. And personally, I think the quote is referencing more than just color as well. It's explaining that what you see is what you create. What you do everyday, the memories you let in, the experiences you seek out and the places you go - they are all what keeps you inspired. They are all things that help you to keep you creating yourself, day in and day out. Now, I know from experience that we don't all consider ourselves the 'creative' types. In this context - that doesn't matter at all. 

We are all this kind of creative. 

      The kind that decides what we like, what we don't, and who we are. So how do we tailor to our own types of inspiration? I like to think of it as that feeling we get. The circumstances in which you do your best work. The people whose conversations leave us so fulfilled mentally. The days where your experiences get your mind racing. The new - or the old - places that continually shine a new light on life. If something hasn't popped into your head by now, keep thinking. Maybe it's your love of blissfully drinking hot tea in a new cafe. Maybe you really love to work in a lab, or design things, or work with people. What are the things that leave you thinking harder than you were before? The 'I wish I had more time for this' things? Do those things. Do them often. Find what keeps your mind stimulated and appreciate them to the fullest. How can you stand out in a world of people endlessly creating themselves if you don't individualize by exploring what you love? 

Leave time for exploration - in the end it will birth your greatest creation: yourself

Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne

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