Pinterest-Inspired: 4th of July Layered Drink

LOVING this adorable layered drink idea!

It's so easy, and turns out adorable. Here are the materials I used......

..... And the steps I took to make it:
1. Pour some ice into a cup/container - you may want to stick the straw in during this step.
2. Pour the Cran-Apple into your container filling about 1/3 of it
3. Pour the Pina Colada mix over the red filling the next 1/3
4. Finish it all off with the blue Gatorade!

........annnnnnd the final product! (PSA: Re-styling this top from my previous post in it)

Here's the link to the pin that inspired me!
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A Little Something Country

This past weekend I went to a country music festival at The Shoe (The Ohio State University's Football Stadium) and had so much fun! This Free People red dress is my day two look (it rained on day one, so needless to say the pics did not turn out), and I loved the way it looks with my cute cowgirl boots! I actually found it at a high end consignment shop in LA, along with some $16 Lilly shorts and other good purchases! Thrifting for the win, am I right?! Any who, here are some pre-concert pictures, enjoy! :)

Dress(old + sold out online)//Boots(similar)//Purse
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Classic Navy and White

Hi everyone! Todays post is a simple classic look. I love my new tank I picked up from the Lilly Warehouse Sale (post here!), and I love the look of navy and white. Here are shots taken before my night out to dinner and a musical. Enjoy! :)

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Shirt//Shoes//Jeans (old)


My Lilly Warehouse Sale Experience

Hi everyone! This post is covering a pretty popular topic, one that many people are curious about, and have questions on. I'm going to try and answer questions as best I can, and give you all the information I have about my experience at the Lilly Warehouse Sale! Enjoy!