JUMPING into summer

HELLOOOO Summer! Well, almost. I'm so in love with my find from Lilly for Target. The minute that the look book appeared on the website I fell for this jumpsuit. Of course, I wanted everything from Lilly for Target (who didn't?) but this was my #1. When I got to the store the racks were entirely EMPTY. I was devastated. I got some tips from a mom and her daughter to check out the dressing room for people putting back items that didn't fit, so that's where I went. We found a few things in a pile outside of the dressing room, but then a woman came out with this jumpsuit, and had obviously seen me staring because she handed it right to me and said, "This didn't work, you can try it on."
As you can imagine, I was pretty pumped. So of course I tried it on and it fit! So exciting. So here is some pictures of me in my favorite piece, paired with a white Kendra Scott necklace. Enjoy! :)

What did you get from Lilly for Target?
xx, Adrienne