A Pop of Red + JORD Watches

Are you guys as obsessed as me with neck ties?! In my opinion it adds so much class and fun to any outfit! I especially love the ability to add a pop of color to outfits that veer towards the neutral side. I got this neck tie for pretty cheap at Old Navy, and I've been attempting to scout out the most affordable/fashionable neck ties around - let me know if you would enjoy a post on that!
This outfit has to be one of the most fun outfit posts I've had on my blog yet. Patchwork denim is one of my new favorite things and you all already know how much I dig jean skirts. You could say this was a major score for me. I'm into white on denim, and details of this off the shoulder top have me jumping for joy - everything came together just like I imagined it! 


Blue and White with Lace Details

So, you're going to be seeing quite a bit of Forever 21 clothing over on my blog throughout the next few weeks. I recently took a trip there and found that their summer selection encompasses everything I find fabulous for this season. I'm talking endless fun colors and prints, pom-poms, belle sleeves, frayed denim, off the shoulder tops and dresses, and more.


Homemade Acai/Smoothie Bowls!

I have been wanting to put together this post for such a long time! I've always been a huge fan of the smoothie bowl idea - I mean c'mon an insta-worthy meal has never been something I've been known to turn down. But, when I went away to college and experienced the lack of wholesome, organic food that was readily available, I went from huge fan to die hard. Not only is this a healthy meal, it's something you can have fun with, especially if you make it on your own. Me, my sister, and my best friend got together and each created our own design on top of our smoothie bowl - it was like our own little food art, and it was SO fun!


Wallflower in Asheville

If you saw my excessive amount of Insta stories, you must have known I was recently traveling... On my way home from Clemson my mom and I stopped for a day trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Honestly, probably one of the coolest cities I've been to - it had so much character! Almost all the pictures in this post I snapped in the River Arts District, a place full of working art galleries, fun graffiti, and lots of cool things to explore. I took some pictures at the very cool graffiti next to White Duck Taco shop (where we also had to stop for chips and queso), and some at a few random walls I spotted while driving around.